10+ Herbal Teas For Less Stress, More Energy, & Better Detox


Teas aren’t just a warm drink – they are also deeply nourishing and strengthening for the body. We usually only hear about the benefits of caffeinated teas like green tea. What we don’t know is that herbal teas are often even more effective in their healing impacts on body and mind.

Slip them in your handbag, have a stash handy in your car—herbal teas are your best friend no matter how you are feeling.
Not the season for hot tea? Try brewing and sticking it in the fridge or give sun tea a try!


Teas for frustration, anxiety, or insomnia

Chamomile tea helps calm the body, is loaded with electrolytes, and research shows it is also anti-inflammatory and may protect against cancer. This is generally a very good tea for children. A great one before bed!

Calendula tea is also calming and soothing. Physiologically, it helps clean the lymph and is great for the excretory organs, the colon and kidneys. It’s also great for the skin if you’re seeing some red spots, eczema, or inflammation.

Chrysanthemum tea is well-known in Chinese medicine and is cooling to an easily frustrated person. It also strengthens the immune system.


Teas for burnout

Many of us are stressed, always running around and exhausted. We need support to help calm and soothe the adrenal glands and strengthen our body to help counterbalance this go-go-go lifestyle. Thankfully, these herbs are terrific for just that.

Lemon balm is a powerful antiviral, which is why it helps fight the strep virus, shingles virus, smallpox viruses, and Epstein-Barr. It may even help high blood sugar.

Nettle tea helps strengthen your blood because it’s full of Vitamin K, iron, calcium, and many other needed vitamins and minerals. It’s even been shown to help fight cancer.

Licorice root tea is naturally sweet and this tea helps support your adrenal glands too. It also supports the endocrine system and generally helps the glands function properly.

Raspberry leaf tea is not only soothing and balancing, it’s also filled with iron, magnesium, calcium, and manganese, and helps boost the thymus, which is an important part of your immune system.


Teas to banish low energy and lethargy

This is when we usually reach for caffeine, giving our body an artificial boost that inevitably leads to a crash—not to mention strains our adrenals and activates our fight-or-flight response. Here’s a better, non-addictive way to get invigorated.

Peppermint and spearmint teas are invigorating. Peppermint is stimulating to the liver and healing to the blood. Research shows it helps soothe IBS symptoms.


Teas for when you’re under the weather, or the weather is cold

Echinacea supports your immune function and is most effective when taken regularly before getting sick.

Peppermint and spearmint are also great for staving off colds and symptoms like nausea.

Ginger tea is also warming and antiviral for cold weather, reduces inflammation, and can lower cancer risk. Read more about ginger here.

Turmeric tea—long honored in Ayurveda—is warming and a powerful antioxidant. It also boosts memory, suppresses fat tissue growth, and helps prevent rheumatoid arthritis and bone loss. Find out more about this amazing root here.


Teas for detox

Anti-chlorine/fluoride tea: These chemicals are heavily used in our water, environment, and products, but that doesn’t mean that over time, they won’t take a toll on the body. Anthony William tells us this wonderful mixture can help counter the effect of chlorine and fluoride in our environment.

Steep in hot water equal parts nettle, burdock, hawthorn and rose hips. Make a tea from the mixture by steeping 1 teaspoon per cup of hot water. Drink as much as you can.

You can also find this premixed from these small businesses:

Detox cleaning chemicals: This blend of equal parts calendula, chamomile, bladderwrack, & borage (thanks to Anthony Williams for this knowledge!) pulls toxic cleaning chemicals out the body. Read more about it here.

Red Root & Cleavers blend is one of my absolute favorite blends for detox. Both are strong lymphatic cleansers, meaning they help unclog your lymphatic system and get your “garbage” out of your system. You can find these herbs separately in bulk – otherwise I love getting this premix from Curate!


Anti-radiation tea

X-rays, cell phone radiation, wifi, airplanes, smart meters in our homes—we can’t escape EMFs and radiation in our environment these days. Here’s a great tea to drink when you’ve been exposed or are feeling weak:

Steep in hot water equal parts dulse, yellow dock, milk thistle and ashwagandha. (Thanks to Anthony William for bringing this medicinal combination up!)

Make a tea from the mixture by steeping 1 teaspoon per cup of hot water. Drink as much as you can.

You can also find this premixed from these small businesses:


Don’t like the taste of these teas? No problem – add raw honey, lime, or peppermint to mask the taste!

These herbs are gifts from nature. All it takes is a little knowledge and use of their healing benefits to bring you relief and strength!

Ignite the Healer within,
Amber Bodily

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