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Foot Zoning

What is FootZonology?

FootZonology is the science of balancing, rejuvenating and detoxifying the body through the signal system in the feet.  It consists of both ZoneBalance and ZoneAnalysis.

Each cell in our body has a signal on our feet, and by accessing the signal, the cells are prompted at a DNA level to repair and renew themselves.  The body has the ability to heal itself!  This is ZoneBalance.

In ZoneAnalysis, the Zonologist uses a process of analyzing to determine what is felt through the signals in the feet.  Areas in the body that contain imbalances can be discovered.

FootZonology treats the entire body as a whole.  All of our body’s systems are inter-related and work together synergistically for optimal health and wellness.  Imbalances can occur in the body if only one area is isolated and treated at a time.  By treating the entire body each time, a harmonious balance can be maintained in the body, which will lead to overall vitality and wellness.

History of FootZonology

FootZonology’s predecessor is Foot Zone Therapy.  Zone Therapy, in some form, has existed and been practiced as a healing method for tens of thousands of years.  Many civilizations have come and gone that have benefitted from using Zone Therapy for overall health and wellness.  It has been discovered that ancient paintings and hieroglyphics found in India and Egypt depict Zone Therapy, showing that these ancient cultures utilized this healing treatment.

Zone Therapy re-emerged in the 20th century with Dr. William Fitzgerald, an American ear, nose and throat specialist (1872-1946).  He developed a theory that we have 10 vertical meridians, or electrical circuits, that run through the body.  He discovered that by applying pressure in a specific movement or pattern brought on pain relief in the body.  His work was documented by Dr. Edwin Bowers, who referred to the vertical meridians as “zones”.  In the 1950’s, a Norwegian doctor named Charles Ersdal, M.D., experienced relief from paralysis with Zone Therapy treatments.  Over the next 26 years, Dr. Ersdal researched Foot Zone Therapy and determined that the body has its own healing intelligence.  He came to find that the body can heal itself when stimulated or triggered through the specific treatment of Foot Zone Therapy.  Through his findings, he discovered that the body responded best when treated as a whole integrate, inter-related system.  He charted the signals to the brain, blood circulation, lymphatic system, and musculoskeletal system.

Katri Nordblom, a German trained naturopath, learned and was mentored in Foot Zone Therapy by Dr. Ersdal.  She began to teach the method in her home country of Sweden.  During this time, Katri made discoveries of her own relating to the signals in the feet, specifically the inner organs and the pancreas.  She realized that you can also analyze the current state of the body through accessing the signals in the feet.

In the spring of 1989, Katri and her husband Hans moved to Paradise Valley, Montana, bringing Foot Zone Therapy with them.  As time went on and Katri made more and more revelatory discoveries, she changed the treatment she offered from Foot Zone Therapy to FootZonology, and trademarked the method.  In 1990, she and Hans opened the Nordblom American Institute of FootZonology.

What to expect in a Foot Zoning treatment?

One will methodically roll, press, or slide knuckles and thumbs along the tops, bottoms, and sides of your feet.  A foot zone session helps to detox and rejuvenate the cells & organs in the body and helps bring the body back to a more balanced state. After a zone, a client can feel energized or more relaxed. One can analyze the foot and recognize the imbalances that are taking place inside the body. The client should drink plenty of water through the day. An epsom salt bath is always wonderful after a Foot Zoning treatment.

How long does a Foot Zone take?

A foot zoning session can take 40 minutes to 1 hour.

How often should one get a Foot Zone?

Each person varies depending on what the condition of the body is. If you’re healthy and well, it’s recommended to get a treatment once every 4-6 weeks. Other acute conditions can be advised to be Foot Zoned a few times a week.

What is the cost?
  • First-Time Foot Zone: $460 (adult), $325 (child 11 and under)
  • Subsequent Foot Zones: $255 (adult), $185 (child 11 and under)
Could I have any side effects after a Foot Zone?

Everyone responds differently to the treatment.  It depends what the body is needing to do to rebalance in certain areas.  Many clients have an immediate positive response, while others experience a brief detoxification reaction such as fatigue.

Do you use any tools during a Foot Zone?

No tools are used during the treatment.

Who should receive a Foot Zone?

Anybody would benefit from a zone, because we all have physical, emotional, and mental imbalances. Zoning can help to revitalize and restore the body to bring it back to a more balanced state. However, there are certain individuals with conditions that should not get zoned due to risks of side effects.

Babies and children are active and have growing bodies.  Foot zoning helps to meet the demands of what their body needs, keeps their immunity high, and helps them to be happy and healthy.  Teenagers can especially benefit from the hormone balancing that takes place in the body during a foot zone treatment.  Men and women have different and often difficult challenges that they have to face in life every day.  Foot zoning allows the body to come in to balance, which in turn helps us to better cope with stress and the demands of life.  It can also help to elevate our mood and outlook on life.  The elderly are at a time in their life when the body needs extra support and renewing.  Even athletes and those who are employed in intense lines of work can benefit from the renewing, rejuvenating and balancing effects of foot zoning.

Are there any reasons why I shouldn’t receive a Foot Zoning treatment?

Unfortunately, there are some cases where a person is not eligible for a foot zone, and the treatment cannot be administered.

  • If someone has any internal foreign object, such as a pacemaker or stents, or if they have had any internal organ implants
  • If someone has had surgery in the last 8 weeks
  • If someone is going through or has gone through chemotherapy or radiation
  • If someone is intoxicated
  • If someone is extremely undernourished

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Face Zoning

What is FaceZonology?

FaceZonology is the study and science of the signals in the face.  These signals are connected to the limbic system and the brain, the “mental” body.  There are four methods involved in FaceZonology:  Face ZoneAnalysis, Face ZoneBalance, Face Tissue Rejuvenation and Aromatic Face Massage.

Our limbic system is our sensory system, and whatever we have seen, smelled, tasted, heard or touched has made an imprint in our “mental” body.  Over time, disharmony that we have been exposed to through our senses can cause disturbances in our mental body.  This can move us away from who we are truly meant to be.  Face ZoneAnalysis allows the Zonologist to analyze the imbalances in the “mental” body that can be detected in the face.

Through Face ZoneBalance, the entire signals in the face are utilized to provide balance and alignment.  This raises your awareness about your own beliefs and removes mental imbalances that are not in harmony with your true self.  The mind and body are brought back to a state of self-correction that influences the hormones and inner organs.

Face Tissue Rejuvenation is a systematic way to increase blood circulation, cleanse the lymphatic system and rebalance the spinal nerves and the bone structure.  It has a positive influence on the skin cells and muscles of the face, providing elasticity and firmness.  Overall, it can create a healthy, youthful glow!

The Aromatic Face Massage follows the same pattern as the ZoneBalance, with the addition of a specific essential oil blend tailored to each person’s individual needs.  The oils have their own supportive, healing properties. They continue the process of balancing and rejuvenation, especially for the muscles, skin, inner organs and spinal nerves.

What to expect during a FaceZone Session

Arrive in comfortable clothing with a clean face.  Please make sure there is no make-up or residual lotion or oil on the face.  Wear no earrings or neck jewelry.  Wear a loose t-shirt that does not come up high on the neck.  It is also best for those with long hair to pull their hair back.

Lay on the massage table on your back and get into a relaxed, comfortable state.  Take a few deep breaths, and close your eyes.  The Zonologist will analyze the current condition of the face and make note of any imbalances that they see.  A custom blend of oils, unique for each individual’s needs, will be made before the treatment begins.

The healing treatment begins with Face ZoneBalance.  It may feel like a massage, but completely different at the same time!  It is a sequence of methodic movements where the Zonologist moves in a circular motion all around the face, beginning with balancing the spinal fluid.  This will take approximately 15-20 minutes.

Next is the Face Tissue Rejuvenation, which can feel slightly uncomfortable over areas that have disturbances.  It may feel like the skin is being pulled.  The rejuvenating effects of this part of the treatment are two-fold, providing balance to the skin tissue and cells, as well as increasing blood circulation, cleansing the lymphatic system, balancing the inner organs and repairing hormonal imbalances. This will take about 15-20 minutes.

The treatment concludes with an Aromatic Face Massage.  It follows the same pattern as the ZoneBalance, but with the added benefit of a custom made essential oil blend.  The essential oils soothe the skin, provide further detoxification, and support any areas of the mental body that need further balancing and rejuvenation.

After the treatment relax and take a few deep breaths.  Enjoy the peaceful feeling and stay as long as you need on the table.  When you feel grounded and ready, get up very slowly and carefully.  There will be a lot of circulation flowing through the head so you may feel dizzy or light headed.  Take a few deep breaths and move as slowly as you need to.  Then enjoy the peaceful, yet the invigorating feeling of being balanced and renewed!

What is the cost?

A face zone is $195.

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Back Zoning

What is BackZonology?

BackZonology is the study and science of the signals in the back that connect with our inner emotions.  It can be divided up as the following:  ZoneAnalysis, ZoneBalance, Tissue Rejuvenation and Aromatic Massage.

In Back ZoneAnalysis, the Zonologist analyzes imbalances and disturbances that emotions have caused the body to take on.  All things in life that one has been emotionally engaged in leaves an imprint in the body.  It is these imprints that are discovered and analyzed, and can be balanced, aligned and corrected.

Back ZoneBalance utilizes the signals in the back to balance and repair the inner emotional body that is held within our physical body.  It raises the life energy and has a positive influence on health and vitality.

The Back Tissue Rejuvenation increases blood circulation, cleanses the tissue and lymphatic system, corrects the spinal nerves and balances the bone structure.  It also has a positive influence on the autonomic nervous system, the inner organs and hormones.  It strengthens the muscles in the back by improving their elasticity and firmness.  Overall, it can greatly improve the physical appearance of the body!

During an Aromatic Back Massage, the ZoneBalance is repeated with essential oils that help support and balance the muscles of the back, inner organs, and spinal nerves.  A custom blend of oils that meets each individual’s specific needs will be made for each BackZone session!

What to expect during a BackZone Session

Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.  In privacy, you will undress from the waist up and lay on the massage table face down.  The Zonologist will look at the back to analyze any disturbances or imbalances that are noticeable.  A custom blend of oils will be made before the treatment begins.

Relax, take a few deep breaths and settle in.  The treatment will start with ZoneBalance, which will kind of feel like a massage but in a different way.  A sequence of methodic rubbings and rollings will move along the back, beginning with the balancing of the spinal fluid.  This will take about 20 minutes.

After the ZoneBalance comes the Tissue Rejuvenation.  This can feel soothing or be slightly painful, depending on what is going on with the body. If an area has a disturbance, the Tissue Rejuvenation can feel mildly uncomfortable but will only last a moment.  The technique used for the rejuvenation opens up circulation and cleanses the lymph system.  You may feel very warm or slightly itchy in some areas.  Please inform the Zonologist of any of these feelings, as the pressure can be adjusted for your comfort.  This part of the treatments lasts about 20 minutes.

Next comes the Aromatic Back Massage.  The ZoneBalance treatment is applied again, but this time with a customized blend of essential oils mixed with carrier oils to sooth the skin, support an area that is imbalanced, and provide further balancing and detoxification.

After the treatment, lay still and take a few deep breaths.  Stay as long as you need to get centered and grounded.  Come up slowly as you may feel light headed or dizzy.  You will feel invigorated, refreshed, and renewed!

What is the cost?

A back zone is $195.

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Phone Consultations

If you are not local to the Bay area, you can consult with Amber over the phone. Phone consultation is for anyone wanting to improve on their already healthy lifestyle or for anyone suffering with unexplained illnesses. Amber can tune into your body to help you navigate through your health concerns and determine the root cause of the symptoms you are experiencing. Then, she will work with you to tailor a protocol specific to your body’s needs. You can ask Amber any health and wellness questions regarding food, supplements, ailments or symptoms you are experiencing. Be prepared with any questions you have to maximize the time on the phone with her.

What does it cost?

25 minutes: $120

40 minutes with face analysis: $195


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“Amber truly embodies the vitality and wellness she helps to establish in others. My family and I have been seeing her for years. She is a pleasure to work with and incredibly intuitive; she is a master in her modality.  Amber has been able to pinpoint the root cause of my health issues and offer straightforward gentle remediations. I feel so fortunate to have her in my life. She is a gem in our community!”

– Erin Smith, RDA, RDH

“Amber provides keys to true health and wellness. Our entire family has received immediate benefit from zoning and continues to learn and implement invaluable practices in our lives after we leave an appointment. The absolute priceless part for our family however, is the level of peace, direction and care you feel while in her presence. She truly is a healing angel here on Earth.

As a mom who sought to raise her children in a more natural and aware manner, Amber proves over and over to be an asset in our journey to wellness. Wellness feels more like a recovery once you have long neglected your health, or simply lived life unaware of how your body works. The keys I have received from Amber have unlocked so many new and exciting journeys into living my best life. The peace that showers over me when she is caring for one of my children or husband is not like anything I’ve experienced- you just know you’re on the road to taking better care of yourself and your family.”

– Andrea Gibson

“I am an internal medicine physician and have been searching for a healthcare practitioner with whom I can partner with on my health.  Hallelujah! I am very grateful to have found Amber Bodily. Being a healthcare professional myself, I am fully aware of the benefits and limitations of Western medicine.  I have found that an integrative approach using food, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes is the best approach for the treatment of chronic symptoms and illnesses for both my patients and myself. One of the many things I love about Amber is that she treats the root cause of disease—a philosophy aligned with my own. To do this, she uses foot zoning as both a diagnostic and therapeutic tool, a technique which I have found to be surprisingly accurate.  

At our first appointment, Amber confirmed my suspicions on the diagnoses, gave me important insights on my body, then adjusted my food and supplements accordingly.  Her intuition is right on. Since we started working together, I have seen her a total of 3 times in the past 1.5 months. In that time, my worsening left shoulder pain that had been bothering me for 6+ months (limiting some of my daily activities) and my chronic left glut pain that I’ve been having for the past four years are almost completely resolved. In addition, I’m seeing small improvements in my skin, nails, and sleep.

Amber is a consummate healer.  Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal itself when given the right tools.  Amber helps facilitate our body’s own natural ability to heal itself. I trust Amber with my health.

– Patricia

“There aren’t enough words I can think of when trying to describe what a wonderful and compassionate human being Amber is. Amber is a true way shower and that good health can be achieved and is your birthright. She an gifted healer and teacher who has years of experience helping people. From the first day I met her I knew her knowledge and insight is unlike any other when it comes to true health and wellness.

She is now my families first call, and we trust her because we have seen results and how much our overall health has flourished from removing toxins, eating right, using essential oils, and detox protocols.

I can go on and on but, If you truly want to improve your life and ready to make changes don’t think twice. Trust you are reading this for a reason and take the first step.

Thank you Amber! You are a rare Gem.”

– Sonja Mujeeb, mother, wife, healing arts practitioner and an integrative health coach, owner of

“I was facing my 55th birthday, dreading the number as it was the age when my father suffered his first heart attack.  I was carrying an extra 23 lbs and experiencing aches and pains that I was certain portended a similar fate for me.  

Late afternoons required caffeine and candy to get me through.  I would come home late from work, collapse onto the bed (usually fully clothed) and not have any energy left.  I would often wake up at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, my mind racing with anxiety and dread.

I knew I needed to get the weight off.  I knew I needed to clean up my diet and I knew I needed to exercise.  I knew what I needed to do. I just couldn’t figure out HOW I was going to do it.  A close friend recommended I see Amber Bodily. I made my appointment not really understanding what foot zonology was.  She was very kind and reassuring. Everything she said was spot on. I wrote frantically, making sure I understood the cause, effect and intervention.

Now I have dropped the weight.  I have more energy. I have more clarity of thought.  No afternoon crashes. The anxiety is greatly diminished.

Amber informed me at our second meeting that the inflammation in my body was significantly decreased but I already knew that!  I could feel it! I know that her gift and support helped me understand why I was headed for a health crisis and how to fend it off.  I feel I not only have my life back, but she has shown me how to have my BEST life!”

-Nancy Isaac

“My time working with Amber has been a life changer. I met here during a particularly stressful time in my life and naturally my body was showing the effects. I was tired, had trouble digesting food, irritable and at a loss of what to do. She let me know immediately that I had gallstones and to do a cleanse or I would have an attack. I also learned about my gluten, caffeine. Dairy, and soy intolerance. I followed Amber’s advice and the next day huge, grape sized gallstones came out and since then my diet changes has helped my mood, memory, and quality of life. I can be a better momma and it helps me feel more hopeful instead of relying on doctors only after a terrifying year of being sick years ago when diagnosis took too long to figure out. My son also sees Amber and he eats vegetables,fruits now, and watches his gluten, along with dairy intake. It has helped his focus in school and Amber has been another voice of guidance to help his growing body get what he needs. Thank you, Amber, for your patience and generosity.”

– Leisa Tesfazghi

Amber opened up the amazing world of footzoning to me 3 years ago. I go to her for treatments on my feet and back when I can – excellent for balancing and finding out what areas I need to focus on to improve my health and energy. I have taken her foot and face zoning classes. She is an extremely knowledgeable and gifted teacher and zoner. My quality of life would be much worse without her mentoring and attention to my issues since our paths crossed.”

– Janet Burks Giambattista, Sole to Soul, Instructor & Practitioner in Face, Back & Footzonology

“From the moment she held my feet, I feel understood and supported by Amber. She recognized imbalances and discomforts in my body that no one has been able to articulate before! Amber was able to give me lists and lists of healthy foods I can easily integrate into the meals and lifestyle I already have. In addition, I have a daily routine of supplements and simple movements that are helping to clean up my body and mind! I just a few weeks of implementing most of her recommendations, I have more energy and flow in my body, which is allowing me to sleep better and be more efficient in my life and work! I am so grateful for her ability to meet me where I am at, simply explain what is happening with my body AND give me actionable steps to improve my health in 1 short and relaxing visit!”

– Hanna Hermanson – owner of

I have learned so much from Amber! She is such an incredible teacher, healer, and friend. It has been incredible to work with her over the phone and have her so tuned into to my body and its current nutritional needs. She has given me such a specific and detailed plan of how to enrich and improve my nutrition and my health. She lives what she teaches and is an inspiration to so many!”

– Cassey Smith, doula and yoga instructor

“When after over a decade of 99% of western trained doctors/ specialists continued to shrug their shoulders and give me no answers—Amber came into my life via a close friend who had seen me suffer for years. Amber blew my mind within the first 2 minutes of our first session & so I diligently followed her suggestions. This was 2 years ago. Amber was instrumental in my healing journey, & my career journey! finding her and the work she does hasn’t only changed my health, but once I starting making the right choices for my well-being my entire life changed. I am now a certified (amateur) herbalist, and aspire to become a foot zoner myself in the near future! I couldn’t be more grateful for any healer/practitioner I have ever met. I love her!”
– Anastasia Kaufman

“I am so delighted that I found Amber! She is so incredible and gifted. From the moment I stepped into her welcoming studio, I felt better. I have been plagued with a few mysterious symptoms as well as some diagnosed colitis, and when she began manipulating my feet and told me what she found, I took a deep sigh of relief. The protocol she prescribed made sense to me and all the supplements and teas were natural and organic. Much of what she told me could help heal my body was pure and simple food to nourish and start the healing process. In just a few weeks, I felt better. I am still on the healing journey and look forward to my monthly sessions with Amber. She has gentle angel hands and her positive, kind nature put me at ease. I have even sent my grown son and daughter to her and they walked out feeling the same way.
I love her.”
– Kim Selby – Women’s Empowerment Coach – helping women Rock on in their 2nd act of life

“Amber Bodily is a very knowledgeable consultant when it comes to health management using alternative methods.

She knows what is ailing you without you telling her. We have followed her advice and have better health doing so. We highly recommend Amber Bodily!”

– Cherie King

“I have known Amber for about 2 years, and in those two years I have always been impressed with Amber’s knowledge on nutrition and health.  I was so excited when she decided to create a page to get her knowledge out to the public. I visit it all the time and share the knowledge with my friends and family.  I have tried many of her homeopathic healing recipes and techniques that have produced great results. And might I add the food recipes are delicious and I know they are doing my body good.  I personally think Amber’s site is a blessing to all of us. Thank you Amber for putting in the time and energy to helping us become healthier and more educated on nutrition and health.”

– Kimberly Duran

“My daughter Juliana (15) was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s last November with a TSH of 150 (extremely high). Her pediatrician (who has screamed at me for not vaccinating, told my kids that I’m sealing them getting cancer, etc) was forwarded her test results. She wanted her on medication ASAP and wanted her seen at Stanford/ LP. She told me then and many times since “she will have to be on medication the rest of her life and there is nothing you can do!”
I took Juliana immediately to see Amber and she gave us a ton of information and changes to make. We slowly made the changes (and still are). We are not perfect but have stuck to the gluten, dairy, and soy free. I started seeing changes and Juliana was sticking to not eating those things on her own (which told me she felt better!).
The pediatrician called us CONSTANTLY, called the pharmacy to see if she could find out if we picked up the prescription, called Stanford to find out when our appt was. When I would keep rescheduling she would harass us (call my husband’s employer, our house, our cell over and over). I was afraid of her calling CPS so I agreed to having another blood test done and to make and keep the appt at Stanford.
Last month we had the blood test and her TSH was 1.76! Her pediatrician called to tell me the medicine was working (she never took any) but she couldn’t explain why her numbers dropped SO fast.
Yesterday was our appt at Stanford. It was over a 2 hour appt and I was completely honest with the Drs about her never being on medication and we had tried diet, oils, etc. instead. The Drs didn’t have a copy of her labs until the last 30 min of the appt and though they were so nice, you can tell they thought I had mixed up the numbers or what test they were for. They were very skeptical and went over the treatment if her numbers were still high “which they would be shocked if they had dropped” as low as I thought they had. They were nice and understanding and told me they would never force the medicine on us (which was great to hear!) but just wanted us informed of all the options but the only way for her numbers to drop was medication. When the copy of the labs arrived, the Drs faces were priceless, shocked and amazed. They asked, “can you please tell us exactly what you’ve changed and what you’ve done?!” They went and talked to their team twice and kept saying we don’t know how this is possible or any explanation for her numbers being perfect. “Please keep doing exactly what you’re doing”. They want to test her again to see if the antibodies have dropped or disappeared. If they have disappeared that would be like she never had Hashimotos. I’m so thankful to Amber and the blessing of zoning.”
– Judy Abraham

“Amber is an angel sent from heaven! She has blessed and healed me and my wife in significant ways. We are better inside and out because of her. To be honest, I trust Amber more than any doctor I have ever visited because she genuinely cares about my well being. Because of the sessions and her recommendations, I am healthier, happier, and more in tune with my mind, body and soul. Because of Amber, I am more mindful of what I fuel myself with. Because of Amber, my energy is at an all time high which allows me to serve the world in a greater way. I have sessions with her on a regular basis and I highly recommend you do too! I promise you won’t regret it. She is the truth! Amber truly has the magic touch!”
– Romeo Marquez Jr. (International Speaker, #1 Best-Selling Author, Success Coach)

Amber is an amazing healer.  After only 2 sessions with Amber, I was convinced to make a huge shift in my nutrition.  I moved to a gluten and dairy free diet.  I became more conscious of what I put in my body and how it affects me and my wellness overall.  The first step is the discovery and awareness that Amber opened my life to.  Her talent with foot zoning is one part of her gift.  Her knowledge and passion for health and overall body wellness of each individual person that she works with is magnificent.  She is one of the most genuine, radiating and gifted people I know.  I feel lucky to be her client.” 

– Magen Savo, Chicago, IL

“I got to know Amber when we trained and rode in a 100 mile bike ride together.  Her enthusiasm and bright look on life are infectious and I love being around her and learning from her.  She is a wealth of knowledge and is constantly learning and loves to pass that information on to her clients and friends.  I know that if I follow what she tells me to do, I will be healthier and happier.”

– Elizabeth Champion

I started seeing Amber about a year and a half ago and the experience has really opened my eyes to what healthy living and wellbeing truly is! I’ve learned so many new things about my body and how to heal it without medication which is usually accompanied with additional side effects. Though I myself have a tough time keeping up with all her recommendations (terrible will power!), she is always immensely kind, understanding and encouraging, and every time I go visit her I feel inspired to get back on track. I feel like I can tell Amber anything! She genuinely cares about her clients and really walks her talk. Word about her incredible ability to heal has spread so far and wide that it’s getting harder to get a hold of her, so I highly recommend booking her as soon as possible! Thank you so much Amber for giving me endless knowledge about holistic healing! I know I’ll be seeing you for a very long time.”

– Maaheem

What can I say about Amber? AMAZING! I met Amber through another friend who had reached out to me about my health issues. Being asthmatic, I always had trouble doing things. When I met Amber for a zoning session, I realize that this is what I was meant to do and get treated. She has been nothing but helpful and has put my health and life on track. Not only am I taking care of myself but it has also put me into a positive light on how I should carry on taking care of myself. Thank you Amber for the continuous love and support in helping me take care of myself.”

– Huong Nguyen

“Amber: You are a blessing to all of us in Vacaville. Your God given knowledge, your ability, and your hearty advice, has changed all our lives, especially mine.

I have only one kidney, and all my life I have suffered from High Blood Pressure. I was taking medication to lower my BP that worked only for a few weeks. Your recommendations to improve my well being, with the proper food, and lifestyle adjustments, and your wonderful Foot-zoning, have done wonders for me. I am still taking medication, and now my BP is is under control. You have improved the quality of my life physically, and mentally, as well as my emotional, and spiritual.”

– Anonymous

“I struggled with feeling sick for over a year. I went to 5 doctors, and a specialist none of whom could help me. They ran several tests and said I was fine. I was not fine! I went to see a naturopathic doctor, who finally listened and began me on my healing journey, she ran several expensive tests and we figured some things out. Around this time, a good friend told me about a person named Amber Bodily and this whole idea of foot zoning. I was curious. I took with me all of my tests and went to my appointment with Amber. As she was zoning me she basically told me what was going on in my body and natural ways I could help it, she confirmed in that one hour appointment what all of my lab work had said (of course I never shared what my lab work said until after). It was amazing! I am still on a healing journey, but meeting Amber and being zoned is something extraordinary, it changed my life!

Around this time, my 7 year old son has been struggling with severe asthma. He has been hospitalized and just has not been a healthy kid. We have taken him to specialists, and there answer has been to put him on more pills. These medications and pills have affected his body in other areas. The doctor ran many lab tests, and it was at this point that I said forget it I am taking him to Amber. Again, Amber confirmed all of what the lab tests had said (without knowing). My son loved Amber and she is so good with children. We drastically changed Ashton’s diet, he is getting zoned regularly and he has not used any medications for 3 months! His body is slowly trying to get back to the way it was intended – healthy!

There truly isn’t enough space for me to adequately describe both my experience being zoned and meeting amber. I could go on forever. Amber is truly a gifted and extraordinary woman. She is very knowledgeable and insightful. She has such a huge heart and welcoming spirit. Her ability as a foot zonologist is remarkable! I am so glad I have met her and that she was able to help my family! If you are trying to decide if you should see her, I strongly suggest you do, it will change your life!”

-Cori Reed

I was seeking more holistic and natural ways of healing my body, mostly with certain persistent issues such as seasonal allergies, colds, bloating and fatigue, constipation, and digestion.   What I gained from Amber and from foot zoning was so much more.  Owing to Amber’s deep knowledge and passion for this art, coupled with her ability to share it with others, I can proudly state that I am in better overall health than ever before – in a way most suitable and effective for me.  Amber introduced me to so many nourishing and nutritious ingredients, herbs, and foods that work wonders in my recipes, the new dishes I make, for my physical well-being, and for my taste buds too!  What I most value are the long-term benefits – this is a tool I can use life-long, unlike several different diets I’ve tried in the past.  

Amber will treat your feet like an artist his canvas – plus her calm and centered presence add the magic touch!  I strongly recommend her.



“My name is Maria. On March of 2011- I began to have sciatica nerve pain, I was under a lot distress day and night. Pain was located at my lower back and both of my legs.

I do have great respect for Doctors and modern medicine, unfortunately modern medicine helped me to ease the pain but a couple side effects came along too. So I stopped all medications and only continued with the routine of therapy at home using a body ball and acupuncture.

Then in the summer of 2012, I heard about foot zoning through a friend. I decided to call Amber to schedule an appointment. After a couple sessions I notice a big improvement, pain began to decrease significantly and my back felt much stronger.

So by following Amber’s indications on doing a couple changes in my daily intake, practicing deep breathing, drinking plenty of water, and last but not least getting some natural vitamin D. This means some sunshine, this last step I describe as recharging my battery with in – that is why they call it ‘solar power’ right?

I am so grateful for being introduce to foot zoning, thanks a million to Amber for sharing such a wonderful gift with us.

God bless you.”

– Maria Duran

From the moment you walk through Amber’s door you simply feel better, she is so warm and welcoming. I began seeing Amber for Foot Zoning about 2 years ago and to say it has changed my life is an understatement. I am now a healthier, happier and stronger person. And I know how to stay that way. Amber has an easy way of sharing her vast knowledge of natural living and is so passionate about health and wellness that it can help but rub off on everyone she meets.

I live in Gratitude.”

– Cindy

“Amber is a fantastic person who happens to be a masterful foot zoner.  When I went to see Amber my first time for a foot zoning I was not sure what to expect, but was put at ease right when I walked in.  He kind and open personality was comforting.  She has a very comfy area for the zoning; inviting music and relaxing chair, but the best part is how she explains the process before beginning and really just wants her clients to feel relaxed and special.  She is never rushed and always focused on the client.  One of the best parts is that she has a plethora of information that will help the client.  She even provides pen and paper to write down all the wonderful knowledge she has from her years of zoning. She has product always available and even leaves it in a special area if people just need to stop by and pick up.

My initial issues of depression, no appetite, irritability and emotional issues have all been decreased and just about gone away.   I owe it all to Amber’s zoning and caring orders about how food can help cure me of my ailments. It is an amazing process.

Her care, kindness, years of zoning has made her an expert in this field of zoning.  All in all, she cares about our body on all levels: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  My favorite thing that Amber says is one step at a time and you can only do what you can do.  (Amber can you help me with the part in red.  I know you say some amazing things that keep me on track, but I am not sure I quoted correctly. 

Thank you Amber for everything you do.”

– Michelle Flanagin

“Amber truly has a heart of gold and it shows in everything that she does.  She cares deeply for her clients and students, and she always shares her knowledge about health and wellness openly and honestly.  I have known Amber for several years, and I started out as a foot zoning client.  From the beginning, I could tell how much she cared about my health and wellbeing.  She always took the time to answer my questions thoroughly.  She never hesitated in guiding me to make better choices to improve my health.  I noticed immediately after the first foot zone that there was something extremely special about the treatment and about Amber.  She has a zest and passion for helping others and it manifests in everything that she does.

A few years after being a foot zoning client, I decided to learn FootZonology because of the wonderful benefits I was receiving from the treatment.  I wanted to be able to offer this to my family, friends and others who could benefit from it, just like I had.  I studied under Amber’s tutelage for 6 months and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made!  She is a phenomenal instructor and shares her advanced knowledge of FootZonology, essential oils, herbs and all things holistic health with her students at each class.  She was very attentive to our needs and took the time to really make sure we were understanding the content and felt confident with our studies.  I am now a student of Amber’s again, this time learning FaceZonology!  Once again, I am amazed at what I’m learning.  Amber does not just teach the fundamentals.  She goes above and beyond to make sure her students are learning everything they can to be able to use this healing modality to help others.

I am so grateful for Amber and for everything that she has done for me.  I owe her my health!  She is truly skilled and gifted at what she does, and her love for helping others can be felt at each and every visit with her.”

– Adrienne Johnson

“I have been zoning with Amber almost two years.  She is passionate, and excellent in the realm of anatomy, physiology and nutrition.  I look forward not only to discover my body’s ability to gain wellness and vitality but the education I receive each time I step foot into Amber’s presence. The icing on the cake to the appointments are the great suggestions and ideas for recipes that make the transition from eating a ‘normal’ diet to one that enhances my life.”

– Debbie Higgins

“Dear Amber,

Because of your zoning my feet I am happy, my organs are working well (from what you tell me), and LiG.

Without your skill at foot zoning I might be headed into Type II Diabetes as a result of an intense fluoride treatment to end an epidemic of gum line cavities. Standard procedure to use the Fluoride I am told. 

Well your ‘not standard procedure’ of foot zoning saved me. I am most grateful!

Plus you are great fun to talk with. You radiate a glow that for me is possibly more important than the foot zoning.

All the best.”

– Geoff

“A friend suggested that I visit her Foot Zonologist after telling her about my sluggish bowel issues. I was confused at what exactly Foot Zoning is, if not reflexology. 

My first session, Amber had no clue as to my family history or any current issues I was having with my body. Within minutes she was telling me I have heavy metals around my brain stem and that my lower bowl was blocked up. I left her that day with a small reading list, as well as nutritional and herbal suggestions to help remedy the imbalances within me. 

Immediately, I started following her dietary advice. Within the week, I was having regular movements after years of having digestive problems and my energy had been restored! 

From one of Amber’s suggested books, I learned how excitotoxins and metals can effect the brain and cause neuromuscular diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, as well as Autism. I have two generations in my family that have been either diagnosed or deceased by complications of/ from Alzheimer’s. A DNA test result confirmed I have the gene for it and there’s a 60% chance I will indeed get it. The battle I’m fighting in my 40’s is this: I’ll do anything that will naturally to detoxify my brain of metals, keep MSG on my do not eat list, stimulate my brain by continually learning, and get zoned by Amber on a regular basis.

Amber has a wealth of information when it comes to what’s innately good for your body. With her resources and suggestions, I’m taking a more proactive approach in not only what I eat, but what I put on my skin as well.

There’s much not to be trusted in an institution that seems at times to be in business of keeping you sick. Rather than relying on Western medicine to try to fix me when my body is broken down, I’d rather be preventive and proactive about my health. Foot zoning is still a bit of a mystery to me, but I do know for sure it definitely works. Once again, Amber knew nothing about my health that first appointment. Those two things she initially read in my feet have changed my life so much for the better.

I’m now a life long client and I’d would highly recommend trying foot zoning with Amber if you care about your health and overall vitality.”

– Gina M.

“My first foot zoning session with Amber was like a breath of fresh air. Up until then, I’ve always felt like I was “different” and “weird” compared to everybody else. Nobody understood where I was coming from with my health. Amber totally understood me and offered advice that was completely different than what anything I’ve heard before. She was the first person to share with me the significance of a wholesome diet and lifestyle, and how that is the foundation for health. Everything she said made so much sense; I was fully convinced and that’s how my healing journey began!

I started getting foot zoned on a regular basis, and felt more balanced after each zone. When I had acute migraine attacks, Amber would zone me and the migraine would go away without having to take the pain meds. I took Amber’s food & lifestyle recommendations to heart, first starting with the green smoothies and eating a high plant based diet without processed foods. I also took out Dairy & Gluten, which we discovered I was highly sensitive to. Within a short time after seeing her, my health completely shifted and I started feeling better. My pain & headaches lessened and my stomach started to heal, as a bonus I also lost a significant amount of weight. It was like a miracle! Now, my health is the best that it’s ever been, thanks to Amber’s treatments and guidance over the last few years.

In my mind, Amber is an Angel and an amazing healer sent to us to help spread health and wellness. She is a Master Foot/Face/Back Zoner & Instructor, as well as a Master Herbalist. Her passion and dedication drives her to continue her research and strengthen her knowledge in holistic health. She has in depth knowledge in treating and preventing severe chronic illnesses, and creating lasting vitality. She is one of the most caring and compassionate people I’ve had the privilege to know. In the time that I’ve known Amber, I’ve witnessed her improve the health and lives of hundreds of individuals who came to her after having tried everything else.

I recommend Amber’s services to anyone who is looking to significantly improve their health and the health of their loved ones. Amber is a jewel to all of us and I feel so blessed to have her in my life.”

– Dana