Amber Bodily graduated from BYU-Hawaii University and spent 15 years running two successful businesses until her life changed. Her baby became chronically ill. He was hospitalized multiple times for severe respiratory illnesses along with a large array of other health issues. She wasn’t seeing any improvement and his condition continued to worsen. His life was at risk. Amber and her husband had exhausted their resources in the medical field and were at the end of their wits. Determined to help her son, Amber sought out alternative paths to healing. Through FootZoning, diet changes and natural remedies Amber’s son experienced a full recovery. He became the healthy little boy they had always dreamed of. Amber went back to working on her businesses until life threw her another curve ball. Her second child was diagnosed with brain tumors in utero. She was told he wouldn’t live. Amber doubled down in her study of natural ways of healing and learned FootZonology. Thanks to everything she learned and practiced, her baby’s tumors shrank in utero. After he was born, she further worked on him and when he was a few months old his brain became tumor-free.

People heard of Amber’s story and started asking her to help them with their health. After experiencing how FootZonology and natural health saved her children’s lives, Amber was moved to devote herself full-time to helping others heal through natural means. A few years into her practice, she started to develop an intuitive understanding of the well-being of her clients. She found that she could “see” into their organs, “hear” what their body was calling for and “feel” the trauma in their cells. Just looking at someone or hearing their voice, she has a keen perception of the state of their health and how they can heal. Her passion and greatest desire is to empower you to heal.

In addition to treating people in person and through phone consultations, Amber teaches others how to practice FootZonology.


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