These courses empower those who wish to dive deeper into the tools Zoning has to offer. Immerse yourself into the knowledge and practice of life-giving nutrition, healing herbs and oils, and the art of Zoning. Give yourself and those you love the gift of a rebalanced body, a clear mind, and emotional harmony through Foot, Hand, Back, and Face Zoning.

Not ready to become a Zoner? We also offer other illuminating courses to help heal you and your family.

Foot Zoner

Foot Zoning is a tool to help you become more self reliant, more aware of the human body and how it functions. You will learn all about herbs, nutrition, food, essential oils and all the systems in the body. This class is for those who have a desire to learn more about their bodies, how to care for their bodies and the health of their loved ones. There is an increasing demand for footzoning – you may even wish to become a professional zoner.

The Beginning Foot Zoning Certification includes:

  • Manuals
  • Video instruction
  • Live Instruction
  • The standard duration is 11 months
  • Enrollment into the prerequisite Radical Healing Online Course (If you are already enrolled in the Radical Healing Online Course, you will receive a Voucher to use towards your tuition at checkout into the Beginner Foot Zoning Certification Course.)

Each week you will be expected to work on your studies (homework and practical) 4-8 hours a week. With each manual you will receive specific instructions and downloads covering the topics.

You will also be expected to complete 100 zones before you graduate. These can be done on yourself, your family members, friends or on the binder for practice.

The pre-requisite to taking Beginning Foot Zoning is the completion of the Radical Healing online course.


Can I take this course even if I don’t live in California?

Absolutely. It is possible to take this course remotely. As things shift in our ever-changing world these days, more details will come.


When and how can I register?

To get on the upcoming class waiting list click HERE

Hand Zoner

The Hand Zoning Course is $1,234. It includes 1 manual. The duration of this course is given over one week, meeting every day. In the manual you will receive specific instructions and detailed handouts to assist with more in-depth learning as to why our hands are a window into our health. Hand Zoning is a tool to help release imprints in the body creating blockages on many levels. Hand Zoning is a great tool you can use on a moments notice to help individuals for quick releasing of blocked energy. One will also learn all about herbs, nutrition, carrier oils, essential oils and how our hands connect to so many systems in the body. This class is for those who desire to learn more on accessing the energy systems and signals in the body with the use of their hands.

Back Zoner

The Back Zoning Course is $1995. It includes an online portion and an in-person portion. The duration of this course varies depending on when it is given. It is usually held over a 1 month period of time. With each manual you will receive specific instructions, and detailed handouts to assist with more in-depth learning for Back Zoning treatments and analysis. Back Zoning is a tool to help release emotions stored in the body creating physical ailments and misalignments. It also helps with physical burdens one is dealing with, i.e. spine, nerves, shoulder, kidneys, liver, lungs, reproductive organs and more. One will also learn all about herbs, nutrition, food, essential oils and all the systems in the body that assist the body with rebalancing. A massage table is recommended but not necessary to take the class. This class is for those who desire to learn detailed technique to understand the state of health through the canvas of the back and for those who wish to know more on how to release emotions stored in the body.


If you are interested in the Back Zoning course, please reach out to [email protected].

Face Zoner

The Face Zoning Course is $3,000. It includes 2 manuals and 1 DVD. The duration of this course varies depending on when it is given. It is usually held over a 1 month period of time. With each manual you will receive specific instructions, and detailed handouts to assist with more in-depth learning for Face Zoning treatments and analysis. Face Zoning is a tool to help release mental imprints in the body creating physical and emotional ailments which misalign our bodies. It also helps with physical burdens one is dealing with, i.e. jaw, skin, teeth, eyes, ears, hair, brain, nose, lips, anxiety, depression, breakouts, etc. One will also learn all about herbs, carrier oils, essential oils and all the systems in the body that assist the body with rebalancing. A massage table is recommended but not necessary to take the class. This class is for those who desire to see and understand what is going on in the body through the signals on the face.


Sneak peek into UNDEFEATED:

It is a wonderful thing to be a human.

We are born with amazing innate capabilities to adapt to things in order to survive. Our bodies withstand some of the most trying and painful circumstances; like giving birth to keep our species alive, recovering from grave illnesses, or having a wound heal right in front of our eyes.

When given the best circumstances, our bodies just do it automatically, like a well-oiled machine.

In these times we are living in, the world is being taught to DISTRUST their bodies. Masks, hand sanitizers, and social distancing should NOT be the only tools we are given to stay healthy.

There is something much stronger that is always fighting to keep you healthy.

The thing that despite if you
choose to take a vaccine,
choose to take a vitamin,
choose to take a medicine,
is ultimately what keeps us alive and works on our behalf every moment of every day of our life.

We are made for LIVING LIFE and our bodies are made to support us through it.

In this course you are going to learn about what is arguably the most powerful thing that exists on this planet:


and how it is UNDEFEATED until the day

we take our last breath.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Why your immune system is the most powerful thing on the planet
  • How to fortify your immune system
  • What to avoid that can inhibit your immune capabilities
  • Natural ways to strengthen your innate immunity
  • Protocols for detox from things that strain your immune system
  • How to have faith in your body again
  • Find out what part of your body houses 70% of your immune system and how it is governed
  • A daily checklist of immune boosting activities
  • Find out the secret weapon I use to increase my immunity when I am around people (hint you may have seen this on my Instagram here and there)
  • How to activate your Rock-Solid Immune Mindset
  • My Top 10 Recommended Supplements to Support Strong Immune Health
  • Get my Healthy Immune Affirmation Wallpapers for your Smartphone
  • Learn my 5x5x5 Breathwork Method
  • Get my Undefeated Immunity Meditation
  • Receive LIFETIME updates to any changes I make to this course in the future!



BONUS 1: Learn to zone your thymus gland!

Historically, only my Foot Zoning Practitioner students learn any of the zoning movements. I wanted to add this to the Immune Course because the Thymus is the King of our Immune Systems. This gland can be zoned if one has a fever, is fighting a virus/pathogen, or needs an immediate immune boost. It can be zoned multiple times a day without causing any disharmonies to other glands or organs. This is a very powerful non-invasive tool to have in your arsenal when the Immune System is in need of strength and vigor.

BONUS 2: J.A.B. Protocols (J.ust A.fter & B.efore) Your Vaccine

Born out of necessity with the current climate, the J.A.B. protocols are my best tools to date for this purpose. This bonus section will have in-depth protocols and systems to follow if you have gotten or are getting a vaccine.

(Please know that the new V is too much in its infancy to know the possible long-term effects, as it does not have long term studies and is a new technology. Please do your research before you make the choice.)

BONUS 3: My COVID Protocols

Find out my PROTOCOLS for what I did when Covid came to my home and one of my family members became ill, what tools I used to help support their immune system, and how I helped keep the rest of the house healthy. I also address Longhauler’s Syndrome and things like Post-Covid Hair Loss.

BONUS 4: My Travel Protcol

Travel can be very taxing to the body and to our immune systems. People often get sick when they travel, so I never leave my health to chance. See what my travel protocols are for when I fly and when I am around a crowd. You will get a list that shows you how I prepare, what I take with me, and what I do after I arrive.

BONUS 5: Undefeated Elemental Elixirs

Use of these hydrating combinations to support and elevate your body’s immune functions. The ingredients in each of these elixirs has been selected for their medicinal qualities.


Learn more & Enroll here

Vegan For 30 Days

Go Vegan With Amber!

All the tools you need to take charge of your health, make compassionate choices, and save our planet.


Have you ever wanted to make a change to a plant-based diet, but weren’t sure how? Research – and over a decade of my experience with clients – has shown how going vegan radiantly impacts your health and our planet in significant ways.

I’ve put together a plan to ease your transition into plant-based eating, complete with recipes for every meal, weekly meal plans, snack ideas, and more. You’ll receive emails that give more information on going vegan and how to make the transition easy, as well as motivation to keep you going!

If you’re a seasoned vegan, this is a great way to get more clean, healthy recipes to add to your repetoire!

Here’s what people are saying about the Vegan For 30 Days program:

“I’ve gone back and forth between vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian because sometimes I feel lost when coming up with something to prepare. So I really appreciate the tips, recipes, and ideas that you provide on this platform – and that you really encourage doing it the right way and not the processed/junk vegan way. So thank you!!!” – Lani Byrd

“This was a great start to January. You had great information, links and resources. I enjoyed learning and trying out new recipes. I had most of the ingredients in my kitchen, so it was fun to find healthy substitutes when baking and cooking.” – Kathie


Click HERE to get the program for simply $1 a day ($30 total)

or Find out how to get this program for FREE HERE!

Radical Healing

young woman holding a cut piece of watermelon by her face like a smile

Radical Healing is an online learning course abundant with detailed information on how you can start healing your illness with the methods that tens of thousands of my clients have used and proven effective.

In the Radical Healing online course, you will learn:

  • True causes behind mystery and chronic illness
  • Foods & substances to avoid that you didn’t know were holding you back
  • Which of your body’s systems are instrumental in your healing and how to maximize them
  • How to detox properly and what to watch out for
  • Exactly what foods, herbs, and supplements to use for most effective healing
  • And more!

For those wanting to take action on their health TODAY this is the perfect course for you. Radical Healing is designed to walk you through your healing journey step-by-step. If you are looking for an immediately useful, informative, and simple plan to regain your health – this is it. Everything you need is gathered into one place for you – all you have to do is use it!

Here’s what people are saying about Radical Healing…

“This course is a must for anyone who wants to achieve optimal health and vibrancy. This information will help anyone bring their health to a high level, whether you are suffering from a variety of symptoms or already on your way to healing.
Amber’s wisdom and intuitive gifts are special, unique and at a very high level. I highly recommend this course for everyone.  Amber is a powerful, intuitive healer who has made a huge difference in my life. If I have a question about my healing process, Amber is the healer I turn to for the answer.
– Carolan Sudol, Foot Zonologist & Owner of Hot Spot Dupont
“Amber’s deep knowledge of the healing wonders of food and herbs have transformed the lives of thousands, and this class summarizes many of her most profound tips. Amber is a blessing who had shed light on my life-long health issues and put me on a healing path that transformed my life. Before meeting Amber, I was weak and on the verge of collapse. After adhering to her personalized protocol, I became vibrant and pain-free, with my stomach issues, headaches, fatigue, and acne GONE! As a psychologist who researches happiness, I can truly say that following her advice has made me significantly happier! I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to truly transform their health.”
– Emma Seppälä, PhD, Stanford University psychologist & author of The Happiness Track

Register here

The Cancer Warrior

THE CANCER WARRIOR: Building Resilience The Natural Way

Register here

silhouette of a woman standing on a mountain with arms raised in triumphAmericans have a 1 in 3 chance of developing cancer during their lifetime. In The Cancer Warrior course, learn my best recommendations for preventing cancer, fighting cancer, and supporting someone on their cancer journey. Based on research, my extensive training, and over a decade of experience of guiding clients on their cancer journeys, I walk you through the best tactics for your fight against cancer – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. From specific foods, juices, herbs, and supplements, to ways to strengthen your spirit, this is the ultimate guide to becoming resilient in the face of cancer. Whether you want to prevent cancer, support someone on their cancer journey, or are in the thick of the battle yourself, this is the online course for you.


What will you learn in The Cancer Warrior online course?

  • A diet plan designed specifically around the most powerful cancer-fighting foods
  • Vital supplements that make a world of difference
  • Strategies for strengthening your mindset and managing your emotions
  • How to harness the power of your spirit to stand against this disease
  • A wealth of additional quality resources to explore to add value to your health & cancer journey

The Cancer Warrior is designed to support someone undergoing either traditional western medicine cancer treatments or alternative methods – or anything in between.

Register here

Goddess Glow

smiling woman with a string of lightsGoddess Glow is an online course with all the information you need for 30 days to better, brighter skin! Struggling with acne? Scarring? Redness? Eczema? Or just wanting to reinvigorate your skin? This class is for those looking to renew and revitalize their skin from the inside out.

What will you learn in Goddess Glow?

  • The best foods to incorporate into your diet for fresh, glowing skin
  • Essential oil combinations that rejuvenate the skin after winter
  • Product prowess: how to avoid toxic chemicals in the cosmetics aisle
  • How to get rid of acne, scarring, redness, and more
  • The best skincare tips using simple, clean ingredients
  • And more!

Register here or sign up below for a 10% discount!

* indicates required

Face Rejuvenation

woman in a yellow dress smiling up at the sunWant to go more in-depth about the skin and the face? This course is for you. In the Face Rejuvenation Course, you will learn:

  • Which areas of the face correspond to different areas of the body
  • A specific treatment to heal those areas
  • Foods, teas, and supplements for healing and restoration of the face and body
  • In-depth look at essential and carrier oils for healing the face and body
  • And more!

Enroll Now

Skincare Course Bundle


Get both the Goddess Glow and Face Rejuvenation courses bundled at a discount in the

Super Skincare Package!

woman with long blonde hair in front of a wall of flowers tilting face to the sun

The All-Natural Medicine Cabinet

With three active sons, I have had my fair share of cuts, bruises, scrapes, and sprains to nurse back to health. Without fail, it always happened when I least expected it. Nothing is worse that having a crying, freaked out and bleeding child, and not having what you need on hand. In every case when I was prepared, I was always incredibly grateful that I had my All-Natural Medicine Cabinet to turn to in a pinch.

It is this exact scenario that led me to create this guide for you so that you too can get your household prepared for the unknown future.

We all experience common ailments from time to time. It is just part of living life! Every household usually has the typical emergency kits equipped with band aids, medicated ointments, cough syrup and gauze.

But there is a whole world of POWERFUL NATURAL REMEDIES that we can have on hand, for times when we might need it. And often these powerful remedies only need simple ingredients often found in your kitchen.


Top view of herbs and tea pot with text "Simple. Powerful"

Over the years I have compiled bits and bits of this information as I continued to learn more about natural remedies for healing and how powerful they are.

This guide is a robust quick-reference resource made for you so that you can easily find what you need to help your family thrive.

All of it has been used by either me and/or my clients with great success.

I have often received messages in my inbox asking about what to do for many of these things, and wished that I had a guide to send people to so that they could get the answers they need as quickly as possible.

Now it is here & you can have access to it quickly when it is needed!

arrangement of herbs, oils, ginger, lemons, etc on a white background

In this guide you will learn my personal natural remedies for 50 common everyday ailments like:

  • Learn ways that I would relieve a headache
  • Find out what I would do if my child had an ear infection
  • Discover how I would handle a yeast infection
  • Learn what I would do for bloating
  • Find out how I have told my clients to handle rashes
  • Learn what I would do if someone in the house got a bee sting


I cover all of these ailments:

  • Allergic Reactions
  • Allergies
  • Anemia
  • Antibiotics
  • Antihistamines
  • Bacterial Infection
  • Bee Stings
  • Bites
  • Bladder Infections
  • Blisters
  • Broken Bone
  • Bronchitis
  • Bruises
  • Burns
  • Chickenpox
  • Congestion
  • Constipation
  • Coughing
  • Cramps – Leg Cramps
  • Cuts/Small Wounds
  • Diarrhea and/or Nausea
  • Ear Infections
  • Fevers
  • Fingernail Splitting
  • Flu
  • Gas/Bloating
  • Hand Foot & Mouth
  • Headaches
  • Heartburn/Indigestion
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Hives
  • Lungs
  • Lymph (Swollen)
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Nose Bleeds
  • Pink Eye
  • Radiation/EMF
  • Rash
  • Sore Throat
  • Sprain
  • Sunburn
  • Thrush
  • Tonsillitis
  • UTI
  • Virus
  • Yeast Infection


PLUS you will also get my Bonus Cheat Sheet to put on your refrigerator of My Basic Natural First Aid Kit:

These are items that I don’t go without, and make sure they are always stocked in my home. Having three very active boys, we’ve used these items over and over – and some of them have saved us a trip to the emergency room. When you need something, it is so helpful to have it on hand instead of having to wait a few days for it to come in from Amazon or to try to find it in a store. In that amount of time, a situation can worsen quickly. I encourage you to start building your own kit, little by little. 

I hope these items help you and your family stay healthy and able to heal quickly!  I wish your household a lifetime of empowered health and wellness.


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