5 Ways To Show Your Gut Some Love


We’ve all been there—whether you’re feeling sluggish, experiencing slow digestion, feeling stagnant lymph, or just totally bloated. This is especially true during the long winter months when we may have indulged in a few gut-harming comfort foods – it’s the perfect time for a simple, effortless reset. You don’t have to do a juice cleanse to be kind to your gut! Detoxifying the digestive system will have your gut thanking you in three weeks!

Once more, researchers are finding that there is a direct link between your gut and your mind. In other words, our food literally affects our mood. After this program, you will find that you’ll feel refreshed overall and that your digestive system will be working more smoothly. I recommend sticking with it for three weeks, but any amount of time is beneficial.



Celery juice is filled with minerals that not only nourish your body but also help your digestive tract absorb nutrients and processed food easily. There are wonderful sodium cluster salts in celery juice that restore the hydrochloric acid levels in the gut, making the digestion process a lot smoother and the gut more alkaline. Celery juice also cleans and repairs the intestines and removes toxic debris and heavy metals. A powerful warrior against viruses, this simple juice fights unwanted troublesome bacteria that can be causing several gut issues. Celery juice can also soothe inflammation in the gut, making it an important ally against bloating, irritable bowl syndrome, and more. You can maximize the benefits of celery juice by drinking it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Read more about celery juice here.



We’ve all heard of probiotics; they help your gut with absorption and other digestive issues. However, not all probiotics are created equal. Many over-the-counter probiotics are actually potent for only a short period of time. Ideal are the probiotics that help rebuild your natural flora.

Fermented herbs are also a fantastic way to replenish your flora, giving you probiotics in addition to the digestive health benefits of herbs. Also, just like the skin on our body has its own microbiology, so do the fruits and vegetables we consume. If you choose organic fruits and vegetables, especially if you know where they are sourced from, eat them skin and all!

One of my favorite probiotics is from Mary Ruth’s Organics. It is gentle yet effective for children and adults.



Most processed foods have additives, artificial flavors, and other chemicals. Those pesky “flavors” can mean a host of things. Eggs, dairy, meat, and fish are difficult for your body to digest in large amounts. Give your system a break during this detox. For three weeks, focus on eating whole-plant-based foods—organic whenever possible. You will feel a world of difference while still getting plenty of protein. Grains like quinoa and buckwheat will keep you feeling full, energized, and nourished. You can get your daily intake of all nutrients, like calcium from leafy green vegetables, but supplementation is always a good idea.



Try ditching gluten for a while. The reason? Gluten can place a burden on your gut. Gluten changes the gut microbiome and intestinal microbiome, increasing incidences of Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease. However, beware of gluten-free processed foods – they often contain additives and chemicals that will also disturb your gut. Research shows that a low-gluten, fiber-rich diet (such as one consisting mainly of fruits and vegetables) alters gut bacteria for better digestion, less bloating, and moderate weight loss.



There is now an abundance of research on the benefits of meditation. In particular, it helps relieve digestive stress and regulates the nervous systems. When in stress mode, we activate the sympathetic nervous system—the fight-or-flight response in the body—and literally shut down our digestive system. The goal here is to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, the rest-and-digest system. In that way, you are going to maximize your ability to digest and absorb food, as well as to feel more energy. If you have chronic anxiety, try different relaxation techniques to access a calmer brain and, in turn, a calmer gut.

Bonus: If you feel your digestive system is particularly sluggish or irregular, you may want to add an herbal support (this one is my go-to) to flush your system.

Give yourself the detox your gut deserves. Cheers to feeling refreshed in three weeks or less!


Originally posted on MindBodyGreen.


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