How This Energy Device Can Super Charge Your Healing


Seeing is believing… or is it?

Science has shown us that what we can’t see is still there. In fact, there are many things that you can’t see, but can feel… And that makes it just as real.

Energy is one of those things. Energy in the form of waves allows modern technology to continue to amaze us. Waves of energy can be harmful to your health (such as electromagnetic waves) or helpful (see more below).

I am excited to share more with you about a healing device using helpful waves of energy that I have found making a big difference for my family and my clients!


Nikola Tesla & Energy

Nikola Tesla was an inventor born in Croatia in the 1850s. Inventions credited to Tesla include AC power (alternating current), the Tesla coil, wireless/remote technology, radio, neon lamp, hydroelectric power, induction motor, radio controlled boat, and more. His discoveries and inventions have helped shape or provide a foundation for almost all of today’s modern technology.

At one point in his life, Nikola Tesla became very interested in waves of energy. He is said to have discovered the “Tesla wave,” or the longitudinal wave (also called the scalar wave), which are able to penetrate any solid object (even Faraday cages). These waves travel faster than the speed of light and are not electromagnetic but instead, composed of pure zero point energy.

Scalar waves are found in nature. These waves are able to carry information and be used in a variety of ways, but the way that I am interested in, and have experienced and seen amazing results with, is healing.


The Tesla Biohealer: What Is It & How Does It Work?

The Tesla Biohealer is an FDA registered device that uses scalar waves to provide an optimal environment for your cells to function. This device takes the science and research from Nikola Tesla and puts it to use to create a noninvasive and therapeutic tool for healing.

If your cells need oxygen, you are able to use a device that harnesses oxygen and concentrates it for you so your body can use it. In this same way, the Tesla Biohealer harnesses life-force energy (aka “qi,” “prana,” and other names) and concentrates it for you so your body can use it, providing an environment that allows your cells to use this energy to function at their best. This device supports your body’s natural ability to self-heal and thrive.

Check out this short video from one of the lead engineers who helped create the Tesla Biohealer:


Here are some known benefits of the Tesla Biohealer (from their website):

  • Increasing the energy levels
  • Increasing cellular ATP levels, increasing cellular repair rates, and decreasing cellular destruction rates
  • Improving cell wall permeability thus facilitating the intake of nutrients into each and every cell and more efficiently eliminating waste from the cells
  • Increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation, and providing significant pain relief
  • Improving sleep quality, regulating emotions, and improving mental clarity
  • Increasing the immune system up to 149%
  • Helps to reduce or eliminate pain
  • Helps the body generate Stem cells naturally
  • Helps the body repair damages cells
  • Helps those who suffer from stroke, terminal cancers, dementia, Lyme disease, and Alzheimer’s
  • Promotes production of healthy blood cells

To find out more about the Tesla Biohealer, visit their very thorough FAQ page.



There is no on-off switch or plug necessary for your Tesla Biohealer. Simply place it within 3 feet of you to enjoy its benefits. Many people I know love sleeping next to it. The manufacturer suggests initially placing the device within 3-6 feet of you to get used to its energy field. You can then adjust the Biohealer to the distance to which you feel the most benefits.

There are so many great questions answered on this FAQ page – I recommend you check it out!


Does It Actually Work? Here’s What My Clients Are Saying…

“I had the CVD virus in January and it turned into “long-hauler syndrome”. After the main symptoms subsided, I still had residual dizziness. Not a spinning sensation, but more of an inflammation and pressure that felt like it was in my upper cervical, inner ear, and jaw. It was debilitating to where I couldn’t get much of anything done. I tried so many things to combat the situation: icing, chiropractic, herbs, ear drops, mouthpiece, tinctures, everything and anything. I prayed many times to ask for guidance. The tools I used helped but the inflammation remained ongoing. Then Amber told me about the Tesla Biohealer. After reading about it on the website and learning how it works, I knew that’s what I needed, plus I trust Amber with my health more than anyone. I ordered it and started sleeping next to it right away. The first day I woke up, I felt a tremendous sense of well-being and joy. Then as each day passed, I felt better with less and less inflammation. After 1.5 weeks into using it, my dizziness was GONE! I was scared to get excited thinking it might be a fluke, but I still kept getting better and stronger. After feeling like I was losing hope for 5 long months, I was amazed! It helped my body overcome this last obstacle that felt insurmountable in such a subtle and profound way. Now I’m a month into using it and I feel better and better every day. I sleep so good with vivid dreams, the kind of sleep that is deeply healing. I wake up feeling euphoric. Every person should have a Biohealer, seriously just go read what they do and see for yourself. I’m excited to see how using it longterm will help my body thrive. Thank you Amber for always knowing what the best tools are and exactly what people need, you are an angel!” -D.F.

“I have been sleeping next to my BioHealer for about a month now and I have lots of great things to share. I sleep more deeply and feel like I am getting restorative sleep. My blood pressure is going down and I am weaning off of my bp meds. My anxiety levels are lowering and I am weaning off of my anxiety meds. I have more energy during the day. I have less cramping and headaches during my cycle. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!” – RF


To find more peoples’ experiences, click here.


How To Get Your Tesla BioHealer

There are quite a few options for adults, children, and pets.

If you wish, you can use my code for a 5% discount at checkout: AmberB5

Check out this graphic to help decide which one could be right for you:

tesla biohealing


A Powerful Tool For Healing

It is always my goal to get more tools for healing into your hands. There are so many beautiful tools we can use, and because every body is different, there may just be one that makes an enormous difference for someone. For others, it may be a combination of methods. It is my conviction that the Tesla BioHealer is a powerful way to protect, heal, and maintain your sacred health.

Sending you all my blessings, always.

Ignite the healer within,
Amber Bodily

P.S. If you want more tools to build up your health and immune system, check out my upcoming online course by signing up for free here – plus, you get a free ebook of immune-boosting smoothies!

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