9 Ways To Protect Your Health & Home From Viral Protein Shedding


I felt called to write this blog to provide for those looking for this information – but also to “shed” light on a hot-button issue.

We are moving into some interesting times. Over the last decade-plus and especially over the last year, it has become clear to me that fortifying our bodies and homes are of the utmost importance for a vibrant and healthy life.

These days, we are being faced with more challenges than we ever thought we would. We are pressed to make some really difficult decisions. We must do our own research. We must be in touch within ourselves and our intuition to make choices that are best for ourselves and our family. Each person, each family, each community is different. There is not a one size fits all in most choices.

Pressure from family, friends, jobs, and society have now made way into every household. There are many who claim to know what is best for everyone; however each individual’s health has so many unique moving parts. There are many people with judgements and demands on how and what you should be doing for your health. Yet, each of us needs to find out what is best for us – based on our own research, intuition, and life situation.

We must stand tall and not rely on the constantly-changing outside forces. I’ve realized over the last decade as an individual in this world and as a mother, I need to empower myself with tools and resources to assist myself and those around me. Although I’ve always had a fascination with the human body and how to support it, I find myself diving into new learnings, understandings and studies daily. Not only because it’s my passion, but because it has become a necessity in today’s world. I now know that supporting myself with this information is important for making decisions for myself and my family so that we can continue to thrive with great health.

I’m going to open up my heart to you and share personal information that I am doing for my family to fortify our house and our home.

I share from the space of being a practitioner, neighbor, friend, and member of one’s community to another. This information has come to me during sleepless nights, in meditation, visions of what is coming and direct knowings of what is needed to assist what has already begun and what will be coming. My entire being yearns to help everyone and to assist with many illnesses that are here and what is coming swiftly. My schedule doesn’t allow for touching base with each and every one of my clients and those who are yearning for an appointment. I share this information to hopefully assist you with what you need as you embark into times ahead. If this information resonates with you, I hope you take action to fortify your amazing bodies. I wish to empower you with information and tools that I have found helpful for myself and my family. If this information doesn’t resonate with you, I invite you to click on and scroll to the next blog.


The Thing That Everyone Wants You To Get In Your Arm

The pressure of the news, social media, community members, politicians, celebrities, and more (from every angle, it appears) is mounting to get the most recently and widely talked about jab. Yet, there is so much we do not know about this emergency-use injection.

I would highly encourage you to do your own research using unbiased sources, outside of the hype. You have a right to make an informed decision about your health and your body. I believe everyone should have a choice in how they receive medical treatment. It is our freedom, our agency and our right.

I bring up this subject because I have seen countless families over the years, and more recently, numerous individuals who have struggled with severe side effects or new health conditions after being immunized.* After my own child’s injury and working through so many others with families, I can only emphasize to understand all the risks before consenting to injections.

Here are some places to start researching:

*If you have had a severe side effect or new health problems arise after receiving an Emergency Use Authorized injection, it is recommended to report it here for accurate data.



A virus, vaccine, or even pheromone shedding is no new concept to the scientific or medical research field. People can shed a virus via airborne or skin transmission. Live viruses in vaccines have also been shown to shed from anywhere between two weeks to two years – meaning, if your partner got a live virus flu shot, you could catch the flu from them. We shed pheromones when we sweat, through our skin. According to Pfizer’s own clinical trial documents (pages 67-68), so too can the mRNA technology shed and spread from those who have had the recent thing in their arm. There is so much we are still learning about this new kind of injection. The long-term effects in the human body are yet to be known.

Recently, there have been women and families stepping forward, saying after receiving the most recent arm jab or being around someone who did that their health was negatively affected. Thousands of women are reporting unusual monthly cycles, among other things like unusual bruising sensitivity, allergies, and more.

As numerous people are calling into my practice in the last few months wanting help with these side effects – whether it be from the injection itself or from exposure to someone who had one – I’ve had many requests for tools to help. I encourage you to do your own research on these tools and find what would work best for you and your family. I am simply sharing here what I am doing for my own family and myself.


TOOLS FOR YOUR HEALTH & HOME: How To Mitigate The Effects of Shedding

Again, I reiterate that these are tools I have employed for myself and my family in addition to our regimen we already have in place, much of which can be found in the Radical Healing online course. I would highly recommend following the protocol in that course as well as the tools below. I share these tools to empower you to protect your health and home in these uncertain times.

I invite you to exercise your free will and choice to elect some or all of these protections to see if it resonates with you, and begin to apply them in your life. This is something I have been instructed on to do in an urgent manner because of what is taking place. What we do now will protect us with what is coming. Watering the plants today, brings the flowers for tomorrow. Fueling your bodies today, allows you to run your marathon tomorrow. What we do daily for our bodies matters in the long run – and now is the best time to start.



It’s no secret that what we eat plays a role in how our bodies handle dis-ease. We are eating fruits and vegetables as close as possible to their pure, whole form. These foods contain life forces we know of and others we are not even aware of. Pure foods carry a high vibration. Food straight from the earth can protect us and heal us. They help our systems run at their highest vibrations and capacities.

For many years, my family has been growing a garden in some capacity. We are expanding our garden to include many of the foods we eat on a regular basis. If you are unable to have an expansive garden, perhaps try to find a reputable source to get some of your fruits and veggies from. If you’re unsure about taking on a garden, an herb garden in a few small pots on the windowsill is a great place to start.



Speak aloud a sincere wish of protection from what is in our world today. Radiation, airwaves, chemicals, contaminated water, polluted air, pesticides, and other toxins burden your body whether you realize it or not. The work you do every day to build up your health helps protect from shedding. If one is not firm in their health, shedding can be more of a concerning factor. There are those who wish to protect you – a prayer can help invite them to strengthen their protection. I pray daily for protection for my family and loved ones.



These protocols are on top of what my family is already doing, much of which can be found in the Radical Healing online course. I would recommend these top 5 supplements to begin to strengthen your health. My family also makes sure we get tons of minerals and vitamins through our diet – food is our first medicine. (Remember, you cannot out-supplement a poor diet.) At this time, the supplements below can help protect and fortify us. Please work with a health practitioner you trust when adding supplements to your regimen.

  • Potassium guards you against electrical waves. Foods high in potassium are cantaloupe, potatoes, tomatoes, lima beans, and bananas. You can also get it from Pure Encapsulations and take the average dose on the bottle, working up to double that.
  • Iodine helps preserve the blood and keep it pure. Iodine also supports the immune system and helps ward of illness. You can find iodine in dulse, sea moss, and kelp. A few clean, high quality supplements for iodine are Detoxadine from Global Healing, MaryRuth Organics Iodine, Eidon Ionic Minerals Iodine. HerbEra Kelp tincture, and Kelp Capsules from Dr. Christophers. You can work up to double the recommended dosage on the bottle, and if you are getting iodine in your food, you can take more.
  • Zinc Sulfate supports and creates ultimate productivity in the body and protects all systems in the body. It is also a foundational mineral in all cells. Foods high in zinc are flax seeds, peas, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, watermelon seeds, wheat germ oil, cashews, oatmeal, almonds. The pure supplements I recommend at this time are from Vimergy, Eidon (mild) and Good State (stronger). You can work up to 3 times the recommended dose. Be sure to take after having food – it’s common to feel nauseous when taking this zinc on an empty stomach.
  • Vitamin D protects us against unusually high exposure to toxic chemicals in the air, water, food and environment. One should take this in from the sun, and if needed a supplement as well. MaryRuth Organics, Pure Encapsulation, and Raw Garden of Life D3 are good brands. I would suggest taking the daily dose, or doubling it if you’re taking a supplement. Try and get as much sunshine as possible! The sun is so healing for our bodies.
  • Vitamin C that is bioavailable (in a form easily used by your body).Vitamin C plays so many roles in the body. At this time it’s extremely important to preserve cognitive function amid the strains your body can be faced with. It also helps with liver function, assisting the immune system, cleaning the blood, fighting pathogens, etc. Read more about Vitamin C and the high quality ways you can get it here. One must try to take 10-12x the normal dosage. Yes, you read that right. If you are taking 1x the dosage, slowly work up to 10-12x under the care of a practitioner.

We become vulnerable when we have underlying health issues or weaknesses in the body. We must take control of our health. NOBODY else will. Our bodies are the most expensive real estate. Invest in it!



I’m not talking about jewelry – I’m talking about the pure form in a high-quality supplement. Silver charges what you are already doing. Its vibration has a very strong amplifying impact. It’s a support tool that feeds your army and immune system that is working for you on the front line. It is best absorbed when taken with a green drink or greens. Parsley water, microgreens, a green smoothie, green powders in liquid. You just need a very small amount for it to be effective, not large amounts. The brands I trust are Sovereign Silver and Cymbiotika Silver.



A plant-powered diet is so impactful for your health – but there are also specific foods that can support your body during these times. These foods must be taken 3-5x a week to protect and support all aspects of the bodily systems from what we are being bombarded by. Aloe vera, horseradish, lemongrass and seeds. These will be a protection beyond what we can see to our cells and their metabolic exchanges. If you have any of these in your garden, eat away. If you are looking for some to store in your cupboards, here are a few recommendations:



Technology that has been verified by Nicola Tesla and developed, researched, and tested for over 100 years manifests in the Tesla BioHealer. The generator produces higher vibrations which are like messages that bring systems in the body into alignment and higher states. It brings them into attunement. The science is sound, very accurate, and far reaching of its impact on the human body. I personally have found this as a wise vibration that can deactivate aggressors in the body. This is a protective barrier. This would be a wise addition to the household and area of work or stay. This product gives healing benefits, intonations, and tuning to the systems in the body. I have felt the smaller size is very powerful. I have felt the vibrations from this product create messages to all molecules in the body and set a tonal instruction. Anyone would benefit from this. The company lists that it helps with overall health and circulation, but I have found it to do so much more for the body. Check out Tesla Bio-Healing.



Just as certain plants from the earth carry medicinal or healing properties, so do other elements of the earth. Certain rocks (crystals) can carry certain healing properties as well. Clear quartz is known as the master healing crystal and supports many areas of life. It also has the ability to amplify positive energy and repel negative energy. Selenite is also very powerful, with high-vibrational energy and ability to create stability, calm, and clarity. Both quartz and selenite amplify the properties of other crystals. I place quartz and/or selenite at the four corners of my property and the four corners of my home to bring high vibration and protection. However you wish to raise the vibration of your property, do so! It can lead to greater protection for your family and your home. I have always gotten my crystals locally to be sure they are from a good source, but many others have had success with trusted sellers on Etsy or other retail platforms.



Phototherapy patches have been something I have utilized for my family and clients over the years to immense success. I have experienced and watched them lessen pain, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, raise energy levels, fortify the immune system, and much, much more.

Light has been used for a long time in the medical field in many ways, such as laser technology. Phototherapy patches use the heat emitted from your body (in the form of infrared light) and reflect certain wavelengths back onto the skin to stimulate a nerve response and produce health benefits. The patches are placed on certain points of the body according to what kind of patch or response is needed.

One of the phototherapy patches I have found strongest for fortifying my family’s health during these times is the X39 patch. This patch stimulates stem cell production and keeps the body’s ability to constantly renew cells in the body, which promotes healing. Check out the X39 patch here.

The Carnosine patch and the Glutathione patch are also very helpful for assisting the body to be at its best, and I have felt they will be important moving forward. (Read more about glutathione, the master antioxidant, here.)

You can learn more about phototherapy patches here.



Sound is a manifestation of vibration. Science has found everything to be moving at a certain level, a certain frequency. What types of frequencies are you surrounded by? What are you listening to that uplifts, inspires, and renews you? The music we listen to, the words we speak, what we hear from the people around us, etc affects our bodies. What we hear others say and what we hear ourselves say internally changes our vibration. Sound resonates through the body and will shift the vibration of our being. When foreigh intelligences and technologies invade our bodies, they become disoriented with higher vibrations.

Sound is powerful. Our words can carry different vibrations. For example, Dr. Masaru Emoto found that our words and intentions can influence the very structure of water. Since our bodies are made up of mostly water, this is an important finding. Our bodies respond to frequencies and vibrations.

What positive vibrations and sounds are helpful for raising your vibration? Nature sounds, meditation, singing, positive affirmations, uplifting music, tuning forks, etc. We need to eliminate fear and surround ourselves with high vibrational people, videos, words, friends, and so on. This is a beautiful tool to help strengthen your body and surroundings.


Now Is The Time.

These tools are what my family is doing to renew and protect our health and home. If we do not take care of ourselves and our homes, we become susceptible to what we are exposed to. Now, more than ever, is the time to strengthen your health and your being. It has never been more important to take these measures. You reap what you sow – so what are we doing today to support and protect ourselves for tomorrow? If what my family is doing resonates with you, you can take action to use them today.

I send you all my blessings for strong health and a protected home.

Ignite the healer within,
Amber Bodily

P.S. To dive deeper into the immune system and how to strengthen it, sign up here to learn more about my upcoming online course – plus, get a free ebook with immune-boosting smoothies.

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