5 Things You Need To Know For Strong & Healthy Teeth


Did you know your teeth can influence the health of the rest of your body?


Your teeth can be an indicator of a disturbance in the body that is affecting your health, and it can serve as a warning signal of an imbalance that could grow into something bigger.


Let’s talk about my top recommendations to take care of your teeth!


Your teeth tell a story.


Did you know that your teeth can be an indicator of your entire bone structure? Strong teeth = strong bones. Weak teeth = weak bones. If you are constantly having cavities, toothaches, or teeth problems, it can be a sign that your entire bone structure has mineral deficiencies (more on this below), acidosis, heavy metal accumulation, and other bodily disturbances. 


Guess what? Your teeth are connected to other parts of your body! A disturbance in a certain part of the body can show up in a certain corresponding tooth. For example, if you’re having a pain in your left shoulder, eventually one of your left back molar teeth may begin to have pains. Alternatively, your teeth can also warn of an underlying issue that may become more prominent. For example, if one of your right canine teeth begins hurting, it may be a warning sign for an imbalance in your hip, knee, or foot joints. There are also corresponding vertebrae and organs to this tooth that could be having an imbalance. Isn’t it amazing how our bodies will give us clues to understand what is happening? We just need to learn how to listen.


We need to talk about Fluoride.


In 1945, fluoride became popularized as a way to prevent tooth decay. It was added to the water supply across the United States in what has become the first and greatest mass-medication effort in our country’s history. Vast efforts were made to add fluoride to bottled water, drinking products, toothpaste, mouthwash, and other dental hygiene products. Almost 80 years later, did tooth decay decrease in the U.S. population due to fluoridated water? 


The general answer is no.


Topical fluoride can prevent cavities, but at a cost (see below). Fluoridated water has not been proven to reduce tooth decay or cavities. 


So what’s the cost of fluoride to our health?




As of July 2022, 86 studies have been conducted to investigate the connection between human fluoride consumption and intelligence. Of these studies, 76 have found that increased fluoride exposure results in lower intelligence in humans. Even mothers exposed to fluoridated water during pregnancy resulted in lower IQ for their children. A 2012 systematic review and meta-analysis of studies regarding fluoride consumption and intelligence found that areas with highly fluoridated areas had children with lower IQ, and lower fluoridated areas had children with higher IQ. This has become such a prominent finding in research that a systematic review published in The Lancet (a highly regarded medical journal) recommended that fluoride be listed as a developmental neurotoxin, putting it in the same category as lead, arsenic, and mercury. The study authors also noted that there is a “pandemic of developmental neurotoxicity” and that fluoride is a heavy contributor. After the Environmental Protection Agency refused to end the addition of fluoride to drinking water due to overwhelming evidence of its detrimental effects, a group of non–profits and individuals sued the EPA. After a 7-day trial in June of 2020, a judge still has yet to make a ruling as of December 2022.




The addition of fluoride to our drinking water is no cause for alarm, the authorities claim, because the level of exposure is so low. However, what is not being considered is the total amount of exposure – not just in drinking water, but also in toothpaste and other dental hygiene products. Did you know that kids take in more fluoride than the daily exposure limit just from toothpaste alone? But wait, you may say, doesn’t that make us extra sure that our kids won’t get cavities? Actually, overexposure to fluoride can cause dental fluorosis, which is when the teeth are permanently stained with spots of white discoloration. Not to mention, the damage that high amounts of fluoride can cause to the internal body (see above and below this section).


Contrary to popular understanding, the fluoride in public tap water is not the same as the fluoride in toothpaste. The fluoride in public water is actually hydrofluorosilicic acid (also called HFS or FSA), which is a waste product from phosphate fertilizer – and which has never been studied for its effects on humans. HFS can also be contaminated with arsenic and leeches lead from pipes – so you may be getting an extra dose of neurotoxicity in your glass of water.




Fluoridated drinking water has been linked as a contributing factor to hypothyroidism – in fact, it nearly doubles the risk. Fluoride blocks iodine absorption in the thyroid by binding with iodine receptors. Inadequate levels of iodine can lead to fluctuations in thyroid hormone levels, fatigue, brain fog, depression, anxiety, and other mental and cognitive imbalances.




I could talk about fluoride all day, but to keep things short here are some other effects fluoride has on the body:



There is so much more we can talk about. However, I hope the evidence I put here causes you to pause and do your own research into whether fluoride is right for you and your family. Here are some more resources you may find helpful:



Natural Ways To Strengthen & Care For Your Teeth




What you eat becomes the building blocks for your cells. Minerals are the foundation of your body’s nutrition – there are several minerals that are essential nutrients. They can be found in plant foods in abundant amounts that the body is able to absorb easily. (See this post about macrominerals and this one about trace minerals to gain a better understanding of minerals.) Your mouth is the frontier for our body – it is the part of your body that first encounters what you eat. There are two major microbiomes in the body – your gut and your mouth. Both have to be balanced for good overall health. It’s widely known that what you eat affects your gut microbiome – well guess what? It also affects your mouth microbiome! Too much of the wrong kind of bacteria or the wrong kind of pH in your mouth can affect your whole body – and what you eat influences this.


For strong healthy teeth, the body needs high amounts of good quality Vitamin C, silica, zinc, calcium, and selenium. If the body is lacking in minerals – effectively, becoming mineral deficient – this will most definitely affect the bones and the teeth. I learned in FootZoning many years ago that the bones store sunshine. A 2020 study found that Vitamin D deficiency is linked to cavities – so make sure that you are getting enough sun, too! See this post about the sun & safe sun exposure for more.


Your bones love mineral-rich foods – that is, fruits and vegetables. In fact, re-mineralizing teeth has been a proven holistic way to take care of teeth cavities. For more on re-mineralizing teeth, here is a great resource




You’ll often see me flipping over a package to look at the list of ingredients, calling or emailing a company to ask questions, or digging into researching ingredients online. This goes not only for the food we eat, but also the products we use in our home and for our bodies. This applies to our dental hygiene products too.


Ingredients to avoid: 

  • Triclosan: A pesticide and hormone disruptor.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS): What causes your toothpaste to “foam” and can often lead to canker sores.
  • Artificial colorings or dyes: Linked to ADHD and hyperactivity in children – see more here.
  • Fluoride (see above)
  • Titanium dioxide: Although shown to be safe when absorbed by the skin, there aren’t studies to show oral consumption is nontoxic to humans. Typically this is added to make toothpaste white, with no other reason or benefit. The Environmental Working Group has listed some concerns with titanium dioxide here.
  • Highly abrasive ingredients: Your teeth don’t need exfoliating – this can damage your tooth enamel. The purpose of toothpaste is to help gently remove the biofilm on your teeth.


I would also recommend avoiding all teeth-whitening products! These products contain toxic chemicals that can destroy your teeth and your health.


My favorite dental hygiene products:


I have also found that swishing the mouth with a tablespoon or two of silica daily is amazing for strengthening the teeth!


Tongue-cleaning is also a great way to maintain a good environment of healthy bacteria in the mouth. This study even found tongue-cleaning to be related to lowering blood pressure (a reminder of how interconnected the systems in our bodies are!).


I also typically don’t recommend antiseptic mouthwash – it can destroy the delicate balance of good bacteria in your mouth microbiome. I like Essential Oxygen – BR Organic Rinse or Garner’s Garden Rinse.




Your dentist will not always let you know “both sides” of the risks and benefits of certain treatments they do (fluoride treatments being one example). Therefore, I encourage you to take an active role in your family’s consent to dental treatments. Before your appointment, find out what treatments they would be performing on your or your children, and what products will be used during the treatments. Do your digging to make sure that you are okay with these treatments. Sometimes, treatments can expose you to radiation, heavy metals, and mercury (see this resource on mercury amalgamation).


See this story from a client of mine in 2019: 

“My normally super passionate, vocal, outgoing, extravert, and funny 6 year old had started going downhill. He no longer wanted to go to school, he would not talk to anyone in class or at recess. He would choose to go sit in a corner by himself. He started to not eat and was losing weight. His wonderful teacher was at a loss too. Things were getting so bad that we thought the worst had happened – someone endangered him in some way or something horrible like that. We were ready to call a therapist and see if they could help, but before all of that, I remembered another valuable lesson, I am not alone. I reached out to Amber and we got him in to see her. It had been a month at this time; he lost 10 pounds and was just not happy and not himself, and it was sad. I was done. I was broken. I was sad and confused. Amber zoned him and started putting the pieces together. Long story solved… It was all because of FLUORIDE!!! He had had a cleaning the week before it happened. I was shocked that this one cleaning with fluoride could do that much damage. It had affected his pancreas, pineal, and pituitary gland drastically. He had stomach pain and said there were “boulders” in his stomach. The road to recovery included adding new things to his diet and regular zoning. After a few days of this, his teacher texted me and said, “I think we have our old Logan back!” Each day has gotten better. He is now back to his passionate self! So I say all of this to let you know that zoning, essential oils, and nutrition are amazing healers… And you are never alone. Reach out when you are stuck!”

 – Cori Reed





Strong Teeth, Strong Health!


Let’s not forget our teeth – and truly, our whole mouth. The mouth and the teeth are the gatekeepers of our body’s insides. They deserve attention, intention, and respect! And you can smile knowing your pearly whites reflect strong health on your insides as well.


Ignite the Healer within,

Amber Bodily


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