How To Give A Gift For Health This Holiday Season: My Holiday Gift Guide – 2023


Stumped on a gift for a loved one? Looking to give gifts to support health this year? Want to give ideas for yourself?

I love gifts that are useful and that enhance health! I’ve come up with a few ideas based on what I love having around my house to support my clean healthy lifestyle. Some of these have been gifted to me and I couldn’t have been more delighted and grateful!

Check them out below. I hope these ideas inspire you and your loved ones this season!


Start Your Morning Off Right

The Gift of Clean Water:


The Gift of a Fabulous Shower


The Gift of Lemon Water
  • Citrus Juicer
  • Ice Cube Tray (I love juicing a bunch of lemons at once, throwing the juice into this tray to freeze, and then popping a lemon juice cube out into water for a super quick cleansing drink in the morning!)
  • Mason Jars


The Gift of Tea


The Gift of a Strong Body & Mind


For a Relaxing Evening

The Gift of a Good Night’s Sleep


The Gift of Great Skin


The Gift of a Soothing Bath

Find out why this is a fabulous gift here.


The Gift of EMF Protection


For the Weekend

Food Prep Gift Guide


More Of My Favorites…

The Gift of Grounding


The Gift of Clean Air
  • Air Doctor (There is a BIG sale happening NOW until Cyber Monday! This is my FAVORITE air purifier – here’s why!)


The Gift of Reading


The Gift of Knowledge


The Gift of a Health Transformation


The Gift of Phototherapy


Give the Gift of Empowered Health

True health doesn’t come from having the latest gadgets. It really comes from a balance of the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of our wellness. If one of your loved ones is seeking true health, you can support them with one of the ideas from this list. These are all things I have found useful, and would make a wonderful gift to enhance your loved one’s health journey!

Blessings this holiday season!


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