5 Undeniable Reasons You Definitely Need To Get More Zinc


When you look at a multivitamin label, you wouldn’t think that one of the most important nutrients and one that most are depleted in would be listed at the very end. Often overlooked, but so vital to your body’s wellness, zinc is the Godfather of all minerals.

Although I love me some Vitamin C, zinc is an absolutely essential mineral for a strong immune system and vibrant health!

I have yet to meet a single person who has perfect levels of zinc. It is depleted in our bodies and soils – and is so crucial for many functions in the body.

There are many different types of zinc, but zinc sulfate is the absolute must in this day and age for your body. Here’s why – and how – to get your zinc up to par for better energy, less sickness, healthy metabolism, and so much more!



Zinc Is Your Immune System’s Ammunition.

This crucial mineral is foundational for the immune system, especially the thymus gland. Studies show that zinc is essential for the proper functioning of every immune cell. Zinc sulfate eradicates viruses and bacteria. Your white blood cells use zinc like bullets against viruses, bacteria, and pathogens in the body. Your white blood cells can encapsulate a virus or bacteria, but if they don’t have the ammunition (read: zinc sulfate) to get rid of it completely, it can still cause trouble.

When your immune system is low, all of your body’s systems are compromised. Let’s say your immune system was fighting off a pathogen, virus, or bacteria in a certain organ or area of your body, but then your body is bombarded with something like cigarette smoke – which compromises your lungs and contains chemicals that can weaken your defenses. Your immune system will go toward fighting off this new challenge, and if it is not already a strong system, it would leave the rest of your body almost defenseless. This is sometimes how my clients and I can begin to pinpoint a trigger or a root cause of a condition or a dis-ease in the body.

There’s no downside to building a strong immune system. Why not make your body’s defenses stronger, your systems running more smoothly, and your health more vibrant? Zinc is absolutely the key to doing so.


Zinc Is A Must For Conception, Pregnancy, & Development.

I have had the blessing of guiding many women and their partners on their journey to having a child. One woman came to me able to get pregnant, but unable to carry the child. She would always miscarry in the first trimester, and when I met her, she had miscarried 11 heartbreaking times. When I was working on her, one of the first things I noticed was her body was extremely low on zinc (among some of the other things going on). She started bringing in the right kind and the right amount of zinc, along with a few other protocols, and in three months she got pregnant and carried her baby to full term! At the end of the day, that small but mighty mineral made a miraculous difference in her journey.

For every woman wanting to get pregnant and hold the pregnancy, zinc is absolutely a must. Much of what makes a woman or a couple infertile can lie in many factors – and from what I have seen in my practice, it typically is an interplay between nutritional and mineral deficiencies; a pathogen, virus, or bacteria sitting in the reproductive system; and a low immune system to fight off these disturbances. Zinc is needed to clean up the body, strengthen the body, and make sure the reproductive system is ready to conceive and hold a pregnancy to fruition. And not just for women – a 2018 research meta-analysis found that zinc is an essential element for male fertility. This study found that the common link between male partners in heterosexual couples struggling with fertility was low zinc levels. Not only this, but zinc sulfate supplementation was also found to be an effective treatment for improving seminal fluid in infertile men, without the side effects of corticosteroids.

Zinc also provides a critical foundation for the cells to grow and multiply into a fetus. Zinc is needed for healthy cell production in order to hold a pregnancy and keep the fetus growing and developing. Zinc supplementation was also found to be beneficial for the heart rate and development of the baby’s brain while in utero.

The bottom line? If you are wanting to conceive, hold a pregnancy, and provide a strong foundation for typical development, my recommendation is to work with a health practitioner you trust to work in some zinc sulfate into your system. (See below for more suggestions on how to do this.)


Want To Detox Your Body & Support Your Liver? Get In Some Zinc.

If you are ill and want to overcome your illness, or if you just want to improve your health, you will encounter some type of detox. A period of detox is necessary before thriving with health – though it can be difficult, I promise the grass is greener on the other side of detox!

Zinc assists the body with detoxification in many ways. It helps the lymphatic system move (read more about cleaning the lymph here), which is an important part of detox and overall health. But most importantly, zinc assists the liver in almost all its functions, including detox. The liver is an underestimated part of your health. Without your liver, you could not stay in life for long. Your liver is an amazingly hard worker that is constantly fighting to keep you in life! Read more about the liver and how to assist it here.


Need Iron? Then You Also Need Zinc.

We often hear about anemia and low iron levels – and yes, iron is an important part of your body’s needs. But did you know that in order for the body to hold iron, it needs zinc and vitamin B12? When we do not have enough zinc and B12 of the correct kind, our body cannot hold iron. Most people are iron deficient due to their bodies fighting a virus or bacteria and burning through their zinc and B12 faster than they can get it. You just don’t want enough B12 for your blood; you also need it for your nervous system. B12 tests only measure how much B12 is in your blood and not your nervous system. Most people are very deficient in B12 in the nervous system.


You’ll Probably Need To Supplement Your Zinc Indefinitely.

Our bodies do not store zinc (only very little in the liver, and it’s used up quickly). With the stresses of life, our bodies burn through nutrients more quickly as our systems try to stay on top of everything we are dealing with. Zinc is almost completely depleted from our soils these days, and so food sources alone won’t provide enough zinc. So just like we are mindful of eating fruits and vegetables every day, we must also be mindful to get in zinc every day.

What about too much zinc? We often hear caution of getting too much zinc in the body and the effects of zinc toxicity. However, as I said, I have yet to meet someone with perfect levels of zinc – and haven’t encountered anyone in my decade-plus of practice that has had too much zinc! In fact, this review from the Institute of Immunology from Aachen University in Aachen, Germany, says –

“Whereas intoxication by excessive exposure is rare, zinc deficiency is widespread and has a detrimental impact on growth, neuronal development, and immunity, and in severe cases its consequences are lethal.”

In other words, even scientists think we need to be more worried about getting too little zinc rather than getting too much zinc.


High Quality Sources of Zinc Sulfate & How To Use It

There are many different types of zinc and many different brands, but after much vetting of companies and brands, below are my recommendations for zinc supplementation. (See more of my recommended brands here on my Resources page.)

Food sources of zinc:



Zinc sulfate supplementation is absorbed very quickly by the body. Here are some tips for taking zinc sulfate supplementation:

  • Make sure you have enough food in your belly before taking zinc. It is quite common to feel nauseous after taking zinc. In this case, make sure you eat enough and/or back down the dosage a little more.
  • Start low and slow. Especially if your body is dealing with a lot of symptoms and you are zinc deficient, it is best to start with a low, mild dose and slowly work your way up to a higher dose. Some people can head right to Good State zinc (stronger concentration) right away. Some clients I’ve had to have them start taking one drop of a milder concentration of zinc and work up from there. It depends on the body, so I definitely recommend working with a trusted health practitioner when adding zinc to your daily regimen.
  • Take with juice or water. Put the drops/droppers into juice or water and drink it down. When I recommend juice, I’m not talking about Sunny D or Ocean Spray – I mean fresh pressed, real juice from real fruit/veggies. I’ll often squeeze an orange quick or use a bottle of pressed juice from Lakewood Organics. Supplements are often better absorbed by the body when taken alongside natural sugars.
  • Yes, it is safe for kids. Kids can definitely take zinc – it is a must for their development! If your child has difficulty drinking down supplements, you can also drop it into their scalp or belly button. I also had a client’s daughter who loved hummus – so her mom put her zinc into the hummus! However your child is able to receive the supplementation is good. Be sure to work with a health practitioner you trust when introducing supplements and adjusting the dosages for yourself or your child.


Cheers to some orange juice with zinc – and a strong, healthy immune system!

Ignite the healer within,
Amber Bodily

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