Letter To All Mamas


Dear Mama, Mama-To-Be, or Person Who Has Children,

It is my belief that we as mothers, as parents, need to stand together and support each other through this difficult, joyous, challenging, and beautiful journey called parenthood.

Our recent political climate in California regarding mandating certain medical procedures (vaccination), and the resulting social backlash, has me deeply concerned. There is a chasm opening between “pro-vaxx” and “anti-vaxx” parents, with the distance between understanding each other widening further and further. This divide is alarming to me, as media and propaganda use fear-mongering tactics to drive us apart. My plea to you – before you roll your eyes and navigate away from this page – is to hear me with an open heart.

When my eldest son was an infant, we blindly trusted what we were told – and it led to one of the darkest times of my life. We weathered the involuntary storm of illness, ER visits, diagnoses, and severe reactions that vaccines downpoured onto my eldest son’s health. One of the most vivid experiences is fearfully etched into my memory: staying up night after night, rocking, pacing, not sure my son would survive until morning after contracting rotavirus from the vaccine. Only by trusting my quiet instincts did I begin to seek other methods of strengthening his immune system and his health. Due to our dedication to these methods over the last decade, today he is a brilliantly thriving thirteen-year-old. I did not watch some conspiracy video and decided this is how I feel about vaccines. I fully, terribly, devastatingly experienced them wreaking havoc on my child’s health – yet somehow this experience is often discredited.

I see so many clients with chronic disease, neurological disorders, and cancers – even children – who are experiencing the backlash of vaccines, some without understanding that is the cause. Until now, the conversations I had regarding this topic were quiet and behind closed doors, unsure of how the information I give will be received. Now, I am speaking out with love and the intention to bring awareness. The amount of sickness I have seen, and the division between us that is happening, is prompting this letter.

When had rational, open, respectful discourse lost its place? As conscious consumers we are allowed to question the products on the market. Yet when we question vaccines, we are met with disdain, repulsion, and name-calling. Do all consumers trust the advertisement of a product to give the entire picture? Today, we have the ability to read the online reviews of a product before we purchase it. We look to see if there’s a thousand reviews or five reviews, one star or five stars, etc. Vaccines have thousands of “reviews” from families of children harmed by vaccines, as reported in the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) which has compensated families a total of $4.2 billion to date for vaccine injuries – yet no one wants to listen to their experience. Are vaccine manufacturers listening to their consumers? Are consumers actually reading vaccine package inserts, or are they blindly trusting the advertisement?

Can you think of any other mandated products that do not allow you to sue the manufacturer if their product causes harm? For example, if the carseat you bought (per the laws about transporting a child) hurt your child in some way, you could sue the company. But even if your healthy child died within 36 hours of receiving a vaccine, you could not sue the company that made it. Why are pharmaceutical companies free from liability of their products?

What we all want as parents is to have a safe, healthy environment for our children. However, why is my unvaccinated child not allowed to go to school even though he is one of the healthiest kids in his class? His classmates get the flu shot and end up getting the flu two or three times a year, but he doesn’t. Viral shedding is common for months after receiving a vaccine – meaning that the virus can be transmitted to others from the person who received the vaccine, even if they show no symptoms. This is why chemo clinics and hospitals (including St. Jude’s) request that visitors stay away who have recently received certain vaccines. So why is my child separated from his classmates because he is unvaccinated, yet someone with HIV or Hepatitis B does not have to disclose that information and is allowed to attend school even though they could infect other children? Why are children who just received live vaccines allowed to go right back into school when they are shedding the virus and likely transmitting it to other children?

We live in a world full of brilliant technology and extensive research. Why, then, are the vaccine doses for a 2-hour-old newborn and a 16-year-old teenager the same? Why have no studies been brought forth proving the safety of the current vaccine schedule? Why has Health and Human Services failed to submit vaccine safety reports for the last 30 years? Pregnant women are forced to get a flu shot, yet no studies have been done on the safety of vaccination during pregnancy, according to the vaccine insert. In fact, section 8.1 of all inserts state that there have been no pregnancy safety studies done (with the exception of FluMist, which had one rat study), and studies are beginning to show that a flu shot during pregnancy leads to lower birth weight and higher risk of preterm birth – and has no effect on the risk of the fetus dying of the flu. If the flu shot during pregnancy adversely affects the baby and no safety has been proven, why is it being insisted upon?

Let’s have open discourse at the doctor’s office, in the hospital birthing room, in our homes, amongst our friends and family, and in our online communities. We need to break out of our ideological bunkers that echo our opinions and instead courageously seek to understand each other. Understanding is different from agreeing. We can agree to disagree on the topic of vaccines, but we can stand together for our freedom as parents and as Americans.

If you made the informed choice to vaccinate your children, that is your right. It is also my right to choose not to vaccinate my children. No medical procedure has a one-size-fits-all status. Every medical procedure has risks, and every individual can react differently to them. If my child ate scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast, he would have an anaphylactic reaction. Another child might not if they ate the same thing. Every body is different. We can hear what our doctors have to say despite only minimal vaccine education in medical school, but ultimately, we have the right to choose. As Americans, we stand for freedom – but our freedoms are slowly being leached away.

What makes me say that? Laws such as SB276 and SB277 in California have taken away the very last obstacle to mandatory vaccination. Despite severe, near-death reactions and against their pediatrician’s expert opinion, children such as my son are now being bullied into getting vaccines. Even a modified vaccine schedule is no longer tolerated. Laws such as AB262 – which allows local government to do whatever they deem necessary, including enacting martial law, to control or prevent an “outbreak” (defined by 3 people getting a virus) – and AB283, which coerces parents into vaccinating their children so they don’t lose their CalWORKS benefits – are chipping away at our medical and parental freedoms. Even the law AB499 gives the state jurisdiction over my 13-year-old child’s health instead of me. I know my child’s health best after nursing him back from dire illness. Why is someone who has no knowledge of his health history legally celebrated in giving him a vaccine? Who regulates that process and how do we as parents know what they are truly injecting?

Zantac, a heartburn medication, was just recently recalled due to the FDA detecting low amounts of a cancer-causing chemical N-nitrosodimethylamin (NDMA). However, vaccines also contain cancer-causing chemicals such as glyphosate and formaldehyde and other toxic ingredients such as aluminum and polysorbate 80. Why are these extremely harmful substances not being recalled and instead injected directly into our children’s bodies?

Our world contains thousands upon thousands of viruses present in our world that cause serious illnesses. Why is there only fear created around the ones that have vaccines? Yes, those certain diseases have proven fatal in the distant past. However, now we have much more sanitary living conditions, IV’s to rehydrate patients (since a common contributor to fatality is dehydration from vomiting or diarrhea), quarantine, and other non-toxic and non-invasive methods to treat viruses. Most major vaccines’ package insert lists “death” as a possible side effect. So if my children could die from the vaccine anyway, why would I allow them to have vaccines which are stated to be “unavoidably unsafe” according to the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act – especially if there are benefits to contracting measles, mumps, and chickenpox?

All mamas need to know that they should have the choice to vaccinate. All parents should be aware of how to access the vaccine inserts and be given a full understanding of the risks and benefits, as with any other procedure or medical substance that enters the body. Doctors and patients alike should not be punished for their choices, expressing concern over an adverse reaction, or for making the professional decision to exempt a child from vaccines.

At the end of the day, let’s focus on health and our immune system. Let’s focus on disease prevention instead of disease control. In the end, vaccines will not save us – our immune systems will. Even though we have now created superbugs because we’ve neglected our immune system, it is not too late to start tending to it. How to do this? It’s about getting back to basics: eating real, clean foods, providing our bodies with what is needed to fight off disease, getting proper rest, managing our stress, getting enough sunlight, etc. Why have we neglected these common sense forms of health care to favor medicated health care?

From mama to mama, I encourage you to think for yourself. Ask questions. Read the science and the inserts. Find truth. Listen to families who have had adverse effects to vaccines. Make a true informed choice (despite censorship), as I wish I had all those years ago to avoid seeing my son suffer. But most importantly, support each other as mamas and parents to stand for the freedom of choice.

Everything I share on this blog and on other platforms is to empower you to take charge of your own health. It is with this intention that I write this letter – in the hopes you will take charge of your own education around vaccination, and the health of your family, to make your informed choice… And to support each other despite the outcome.

With loving support,
Your fellow mama

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