Why You Need These 3 Super Greens To Make Your Health Super Strong


Having a hard time getting greens into your diet?

Sometimes our bodies need green plant foods (or the nutrients from them) in amounts that are more than we can eat in a day. That’s where these three can become your best friends:

Wheat grass, spirulina, and Jurassic Greens (a blend of alfalfa, barley grass, and wheat grass by Dr. Christopher).

In fact, I have dedicated a whole post to spirulina here because it is that amazing!

But if you’re going to put some weird green powder into your smoothie, don’t you want to make sure it’s a real superfood?

With today’s levels of soil depletion, we need to pay more and more attention to our nutritional needs and intake. Why not get the most bang for your buck with some of the most nourishing green foods on the planet?

You can use the below greens powders in a variety of ways:

  • Dump into a smoothie
  • Add into a soup
  • Use in a facemask
  • Lightly mix into frosting for green color
  • Process into a dressing
  • Blend into nut/seed milk

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Now, why are these green grasses so great?


Nutritional Powerhouses

What do wheat grass, spirulina, alfalfa, and barley grass have in common? They are all packed with nutrients. In fact, Dave Sandoval is quoted saying, “Spirulina is literally nature’s single most potent nutrient source by far, nothing comes close.”

I would say the other green superfoods in this post are close seconds!

High in Vitamin C, K, E, a variety of minerals, B vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, and amino acids, these superfoods are basically nature’s best multivitamin – and they go above and beyond the amount of nutrients that are found in almost any other single plant food.

They are all also high in chlorophyll, the plant compound that makes them green. Plants use this compound to absorb and protect themselves from sunlight. Chlorophyll has been shown to have many benefits, including fighting cancer, reducing inflammation, and promoting wound healing. In fact, I am a strong proponent of consuming chlorophyll-rich foods to protect your skin from sun damage (see more on why here).

All of these super greens are extremely nourishing to the body, and can begin to create a healing environment within the body to overcome illness.


Cancer Fighting and Preventing

Note: If you are on a cancer journey, I recommend consulting your medical team before implementing any methods mentioned. If you want to learn more about natural methods of preventing and fighting cancer (even alongside conventional methods), check out my online course The Cancer Warrior: Building Resiliency the Natural Way.

Wheatgrass, spirulina, alfalfa, and barley grass have all shown cancer-fighting and preventing properties. Wheatgrass and alfalfa stop the proliferation (multiplication) of cancer cells and have even shown preventative qualities for multiple types of cancers including colon and leukemia. If taken during conventional cancer treatments, wheat grass has been linked to improving the effects of chemotherapy and lessening the side effects. Barley grass and wheatgrass inhibit the oxidation of cells (which can lead to cancer) and reduce inflammation. Spirulina is also documented in many studies as also having an effect on cancer cells.

The high amounts of antioxidants in all of these greens is another fabulous indicator of their powerful ability to take on and prevent cancer. Research shows that a diet high in antioxidants prevents diseases such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, macular disease, allergies, etc.


Strengthen Heart Health

One of the first steps to good heart health is healthy blood. If the blood is thick, sluggish, full of toxins, and low in nutrients, the rest of the body cannot receive optimal nourishment and the inner organs will start to decline. Part of having healthy blood is having a well-functioning liver. In over a decade of seeing clients in my practice, every single client who had heart issues also had issues with their liver. These two organs are intricately tied because of the liver’s role in filtering and nourishing the blood.

Fortunately, these greens have been shown to be able to restore and reduce inflammation in the liver. In particular, wheat grass has been found to have a very similar structure to hemoglobin, a protein in blood that transports oxygen. For this reason, research has been exploring using wheatgrass as a way to help reoxygenate blood. Bringing oxygen throughout the body is a crucial process and critical not only for a strong circulatory system, but also for all the internal organs.

These super greens also improve other markers for heart health, including:


Other Benefits

Having a widespread amount of nutrients and beneficial compounds for the body leads to having widespread benefits. Here are a few of the other benefits of these greens that I have seen in my practice and/or that research is finding true:


How To Get These Super Greens

Alfalfa sprouts? Awesome. Wheatgrass juice? Amazing. However, spirulina is difficult to consume in its original algae form, as well as barley grass. As always, I am cautious about which supplements and products I use and recommend because I want them to be the most high quality and effective. Cheap and inferior supplements can do more damage than good. (To see what brands I recommend, see my robust Resources page.)

Note: Before adding or adjusting supplements to your daily regimen, I recommend consulting with a trusted health practitioner first.



Jurassic Greens:


It is my hope that adding in these super greens regularly will bring you stronger and more vibrant health!

Ignite the Healer within,
Amber Bodily

P.S. If you want to know more about how to strengthen your immune system naturally, check out my online course UNDEFEATED: Your Passport To A Powerful Immune System.

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