Got Hemorrhoids? Here’s A Powerful Remedy That’s Not A Pain in the Rear


Uh oh, you felt something off down there. A burning, itching, downright pain in your backside!

Such a delicate area – this part of our body isn’t talked about much.

So let’s talk about it.


Causes of Hemorrhoids

As part of your excretory system and the exit point where your body releases food leftovers, as well as one of the pivotal areas where the body discards toxins, the anus and rectum are very sensitive areas.

There can be many reasons why the tissue can become inflamed. One of the most common ones is pushing too hard to go number 2. Americans also live in “constipation nation” thanks to the Standard American Diet with its known lack of fiber and hydration, not to mention the disturbances in the gut microbiome from not eating enough plant foods. Another cause can be from giving birth – which if you have experienced yourself, you know how taxing it can be on your special bits.

It seems like once you have a hemorrhoid, it likes to come back and haunt you like a bad nightmare from time to time. Your first reaction might be to pick up some Preparation H or Vaseline, and in some really difficult cases, your doctor may want to lance it!

But wait! Before you go putting a petroleum-based product where the sun don’t shine, let’s explore some natural remedies that may help you find relief. (Petroleum-based products, depending on the manufacturer, don’t always filter out harmful chemicals in the refining process. I would recommend doing extensive research on the company you buy from before using petroleum-based products, or avoid these products altogether. There are many natural alternatives that work well.)

Actually there are a growing number of health enthusiasts who do like to get their vitamin D via their derrière – it’s called “perineum sunning”, but that’s another blog for another day.


My Fast-Acting, Go-To Remedy For Hemorrhoids

My favorite remedy for hemorrhoids sounds uncomfortable, but it is the fastest-acting one that I have tried. Many clients of mine have exclaimed over the power of this remedy as well.

Take an organic cotton ball (make sure it is organic so that the heavy pesticides don’t get into your system), tear it in half, and cover it in St. John’s Wort oil*. Insert it into the anus and leave it in there until you need to go to the bathroom. It will come out when having a bowel movement. If the hemorrhoid is bleeding & really irritated, add yarrow essential oil* on the cotton ball after the St. John’s Wort and insert it. Continue as needed.

*Note: If you wish, you can use my coupon code amberbodilyhealth at checkout for a discount on these oils.

An essential part of remedying hemorrhoids is to stay hydrated. Elevating the knees as you are on the toilet (using a stool or a Squatty Potty) can also help put the bowels in an easier position to excrete.


I expound on other remedies for hemorrhoids in my upcoming online course,
The All-Natural Medicine Cabinet: Your Guide To Powerful Remedies For Common Ailments.
Find out more below.

So the next time you feel the itchy irritating beginnings of a hemorrhoid coming on, run to your all natural medicine cabinet and grab your home remedies because happy cheeks bring better weeks.

Ignite the Healer within,
Amber Bodily

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