My relationship with Yarrow


It’s 4:10 on a weekday afternoon. After seeing clients for the day, I gather my three boys in the car to enjoy some fresh air and run around a little before our evening routine. I grab wipes and a diaper along with snacks.  I make sure that my essentials, specifically blue yarrow, are in my bag. We head to the skate park and the playground.

I can only recall a few times I walked out the door without my blue magic. My miracle in a bottle. I felt naked. Incomplete. Unprepared. What if? It’s my go-to for any and all injuries. Scrapes, cuts, bruised knees, sprains, finger jams, head bonks and gushing blood. I’ve also used it when a child gets a fever when we are away from home.

I’m talking about YARROW!

My preferred yarrow essential oil is from primavera. My children carry small bottles in their backpacks. I use 1-3 drops on any affected area. In intense situations, I’ll add one drop in the mouth. I’ve used it when my son slipped off a cement picnic bench at a new park. He cracked his head and nicked the top of his head on the side of the bench on the way down. Blood spilling out of his wound–not just bleeding. The head can bleed a lot, so I immediately was reminding myself not to let the heart pound too hard. I ran for my bag to grab yarrow. I immediately dropped 2-3 drops on the top of his head. I added one drop in the mouth by placing it on my pinky, then putting it under his tongue. The yarrow immediately stopped the bleeding, calmed him down and gave many of us a sense of control. Since the bleeding had stopped I could view the severity of his head wound and move forward.

The instances in which I have used or taught others to use yarrow are innumerable. More examples include:

  • Bumped head
  • Inflammation from joint pain
  • An infected cut, an irritated burn
  • Road rash
  • Significant bleeding from a cut
  • Internal bleeding after a car accident
  • Dog bite
  • Concussions
  • Relieving blood clots
  • Calming heavy menstruation
  • Sprained calf muscle
  • Bruised hamstring
  • Jaw pain from a toothache and never ending bleeding from a tooth extraction.

All brands of yarrow are not the same. I’ve used several other brands in different incidences and I have found one that always amazes me with what it can do. All are not processed equally. With over a decade of using essential oils, studying them and building a relationship with them in intense and non-intense situations, I have come to know which ones perform when you need them to.

Yarrow from primavera has shown to work immediately and synergistically with the body. It’s a deep brilliant blue that leaves an honored mark on the skin. When I’ve gotten some on valued clothing, I’ve used a few drops of peppermint essential oil directly on the clothing and immediately thrown in a ready to go washing machine. Yarrow, when harvested and processed carefully has its own DNA intact (yes, it’s own GPS system) that communicates with your DNA and knows exactly how it can be used and where in the body. Plants and herbs are so beautifully created and designed for our use. I’m always so amazed at their capabilities when we put them to use.

Every mom and adventurer needs this tool in their bag to grab in a moment of breath holding. Yarrow can give you assistance with comfort when upon a rescue.

My relationship with yarrow runs deep. It’s been present and a hopeful tool in many different situations. Yes, an herb/oil I would not want to be without. I call yarrow my must have, go-to for many injuries and situations.

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You can also try yarrow in tea form!




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