What Is The Ultimate Essential Oil Every Mama Needs?


It’s 4:10 on a weekday afternoon. After seeing clients for the day, I gather my three boys in the car to enjoy some fresh air and run around a little before our evening routine. I grab wipes, a diaper, and snacks. I make sure that my essentials, specifically blue yarrow, are in my bag. We head to the skate park and a new playground.

While resting from playing one of my sons slipped off a cement picnic bench at the new park. He cracked his head and nicked the top of his head on the side of the bench on the way down. To say he was bleeding would have been an understatement – blood was spilling out of his wound. I remember thinking to myself, stay calm. If he saw that I was worried, his heart would begin to pound and the wound would bleed even faster. I ran for my bag to grab yarrow. I immediately dropped 2-3 drops on the top of his head. I added one drop in the mouth by placing it on my pinky, then putting it under his tongue. The yarrow immediately stopped the bleeding, calmed him down and gave us all a sense of control. Since the bleeding had stopped, I could view the severity of his head wound and move forward.


Yarrow Essential Oil: An Incredible Healer

This herb grows tall with fern-like leaves and pink-white flowers in Europe, Asia, and North America. When it is properly distilled into an oil, the chemical compound called chamazulene gives it a brilliant blue color. This compound holds the key to its almost instant ability to coagulate blood and stop bleeding. Yarrow oil is cooling and drying, so it is often used for inflammatory conditions.

Yarrow, when harvested and processed carefully, has its own DNA intact (yes, it’s own GPS system) that communicates with your DNA and knows exactly how and where it can be used in your body. Plants and herbs are so beautifully created and designed for our use. I’m always so amazed at their capabilities to enhance, enrich, and heal!


Yarrow Oil Uses

This amazing blue oil has many uses, but is mainly beneficial for skin conditions and wounds, circulatory disorders, digestive issues, and balancing hormones. Here are some conditions for which I have recommended the use of yarrow oil for clients:

  • Calm inflammation from joint pain
  • Soothe irritated skin
  • Heal infections
  • Treat road rash
  • Halt significant bleeding from a cut
  • Slow and stop internal bleeding
  • Treat concussions
  • Stall blood clots
  • Calm heavy menstruation
  • Relax sprained calf muscles
  • Ease bruised hamstrings
  • Soothe jaw pain from toothaches
  • Inhibit bleeding from a tooth extraction
  • Treat hemorrhoids and varicose veins
  • Alleviate stomach cramps and gallbladder pains
  • Relieves menstrual pain
  • Balances hormones during menopause
  • Keeps psychological equilibrium intact
  • Stimulates a stagnant, sluggish liver
  • Cooling a fever

Yarrow can balance the highs and lows internally and externally on the physical body and the emotional body as well. Using this powerful essential oil can help release deeply repressed emotions and assist in healing from emotional trauma.


All Oils Are Not Created Equal

You’ve probably heard me talk about how supplements are not all created the same, and this is also true for essential oils. I’ve used several other brands of yarrow oil in different incidences, and I have found one brand that always amazes me with what it can do. From over a decade of using essential oils, studying them and building a relationship with them in intense and non-intense situations, I have come to know that all brands aren’t processed equally – and which ones perform when you need them to.

Yarrow from Primavera has shown to work immediately and synergistically with the body. It’s a deep brilliant blue that leaves an honored mark on the skin. When I’ve gotten some on valued clothing, I’ve used a few drops of peppermint essential oil directly on the clothing and immediately thrown in a ready to go washing machine.

There’s only been a few times I walked out the door without my blue “miracle in a bottle,” but I recall feeling naked and unprepared for the unpredictable situations that can arise with 3 active kids. Yarrow is my go-to for any and all injuries: scrapes, cuts, bruised knees, sprains, finger jams, head bonks and gushing blood. Every mom and adventurer needs this tool in their bag to grab in a moment of breath holding. Yarrow can give you assistance with comfort when upon a rescue.

My relationship with yarrow runs deep. It’s been present and a hopeful tool in many different situations. It is definitely an herb/oil I would not want to be without! I call yarrow my must have go-to for many injuries and situations.

I invite you to explore what yarrow can do in your life! I get mine from Goddess of Spring (you can use the coupon code amberbodilyhealth for a 10% discount at checkout).

You can also try yarrow in tea form. Cheers to amazing herbs!





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