Had Enough of Allergies? How to Be Cured For Good

*Note: Allergies that cause anaphylactic shock are not covered in this post.


Allergies are a seemingly never-ending battle.


As a mom who watched my first son battle endless allergies as an infant, it was extremely frustrating and at times made me almost hopeless.


… Almost.


We visited doctor after doctor, did all the tests imaginable, and visited the ER countless times. I knew everyone at the pediatrician’s office – after all, I was there almost every week. Our baby had major respiratory problems, horrible skin issues, tremendous congestion, and eyes that constantly watered – and no one seemed to have an answer for us.


But I still had a glimmer of hope. I trusted my mama instincts, and went back to the basics. I found out what the allergy tests really mean, what allergies really are, and how to rebalance the body.  Armed with this knowledge and a grocery bag full of living food, my son and I started a journey together that healed all his symptoms – making him vibrant and thriving 12-year-old that he is today.

My first son – at the beginning of his allergy journey in 2008, and now thriving with health.


My second son’s legs, before and after healing from allergies.



The Truth Behind Allergy Testing

Oh, allergy testing.  


This ran me in circles and down so many rabbit holes that at times I felt I needed an excavator to extricate myself.


The allergy test would come back and say my son is allergic to blueberries.  “But I just gave him blueberries and there was no reaction!” I would explain to the specialist.  “Nope, he’s allergic,” he replied.


Then the tests said he was okay to have dairy and eggs, so I would give him some – and within 30 seconds his skin would be puffy and on fire.  Within 1-2 minutes it would pus and he would itch, cry, and scream. His drooling out of the side of his mouth would increase.


Everything about these situations felt wrong.  I knew in my gut that something was not right.


I was having him tested every month, and every time the tests came back with different and conflicting results.


Why was there so much discrepancy?


Depending on the immune system the day of the testing, and the existence of heavy metals in the system, the tests can come back differently from one day to the next.  One of the challenges with allergies is that we don’t always have an immediate reaction to a food we just ate – it can show up two weeks later after circulating through the lymphatic system.  I felt so frustrated in my early mama days. When he would flare up, it was anyone’s guess as to what it was – detergent, pillows, linens, perfumes, dog, grasses, spray that was used on the grass… How could I protect my son when he could be reacting to anything?


Technology can be a gift in the time we live in, and due to continual research it is constantly changing.  When allergy tests were developed, many people were relieved to have hard evidence or validation for their allergies.  Many mothers come to me and say that their child is allergic to blueberries, eggs, apples, and dairy according to the test.  Unfortunately, this is half correct and half inaccurate. Eggs and dairy feed pathogens in the system, so it will come out as an allergic reaction when those pathogens create more toxins in the body after feeding.  It can also come out as other problems, such as diarrhea, stomach cramps, bloating, and more. Eggs can feed pathogens and viruses, grow cysts and tumors, and start the body on a path to breast cancer, liver cancer, and thyroid cancer. However, we can still be allergic to eggs and dairy and not have it show up on the allergy test – such as what happened with my son.


So why do foods such as blueberries and apples show up on the test? One of our allergy tests said my son was allergic to cranberries – but he was in truth reacting to the spray they used on the cranberries.  Have pesticides been used on the blueberries? Does the apple have wax on it? Are they GMO? If so, the body reacts and it will trigger on the allergy test. It is not the fruit or vegetable itself, it is how it has been altered from its pure original state that causes the reaction.  Wild blueberries attack pathogens in order to eliminate them from the body, and this activity can show up on the allergy test and give imprecise conclusion. Technology has not advanced far enough to detect pesticides or other pathogens in the body so that we can detect the real cause of the outward symptoms.  Until allergy tests become more finely tuned, they give the best readings they can – unfortunately, that often means inaccurate results.


If the allergy test is inaccurate, why do we still react to certain foods or have seasonal allergies?


Allergy Breakdown: What is Actually Happening in the Body


Outward symptoms – allergic reactions – are red flags to inward issues.  The body is out of balance. There are pathogens and viruses in our bodies (due to many factors, such as environment, lifestyle, passed down through generations, etc.) which can cause gut imbalances, liver problems, and many other issues.  This leads to an overloaded and weakened immune system.


Because the immune system is overloaded by taking care of other imbalances or pathogens in the body, it cannot handle the next irritation that comes in the body and starts pushing it out and irritating the system. These irritations can come through the bowels, as a skin rash, watery eyes, respiratory difficulty, or even get stuck in the bloodstream and travel to the brain so that they affect thoughts and behavior.  Have you ever gone to an aunt’s house that smells strongly of her perfume, and while there your kids begin acting differently – not able to sit still or listen? Another possible underlying inward issue is an overworked and tired liver. If the liver is not methylating (taking out the trash) because it is already bogged down with other chemicals, viruses or pathogens in the body, it cannot handle more and tells the body to get rid of it a different way (read: allergic reaction).


Plagued by seasonal allergies?  This is also a sign the body is out of balance.  The system is already working hard in the body, so when we get in front of dust, pollen, dander, mold, etc. our immunity cannot handle it.


The body is naturally trying to protect itself against all unnatural invaders.  However, the combination of a too-heavy workload, improper nourishment, and inherited or environmentally-absorbed toxic heavy metals can cause the body to throw a fit.  The outward symptoms of an allergic reaction are a wake up call for us to begin listening to and cleaning out the body.


Back to Basics: How to Finally Heal Your Allergies


How did we stop the frequent ER visits?


How did my oldest son become the healthy, radiant, glowing boy he is today, with two vibrant and allergy-free brothers?


We turned back to the basics.


We ate fresh, living, pure food and got rid of the junk we were eating (eggs, dairy, wheat, soy, preservatives, pesticides, natural flavors).  With the nourishment that the fresh and living food provided us, we cleaned our bodies out and rebalanced our systems.


Eating food that is living in its first state – before it is altered – brings the life in the food into our bodies to renew and strengthen our systems.  When we flood the body with minerals and fruits and vegetables to boost the immune system, over time the outward symptoms (allergies) dissipate.


When someone starts cleaning out their body with fresh foods, the reaction they are having to those foods is often not allergy related. Celery, for instance, helps beat back pathogens and viruses in the body, which can bring up symptoms in the process.  Unfortunately, people then think they are allergic to celery and stop eating it – in fact, more celery is needed in the body to finish the job!  Wheat, dairy, and eggs feed pathogens and viruses in our system and cause what seems to be an allergic reaction to something else. If you have seasonal allergies, it is very important to get all three of these foods out of the body – particularly wheat.  Wheat, eggs, and dairy will keep us chronically ill, but getting back to the basics with fresh, living, pure food will heal us – giving us relief from allergies and chronic illness, and the gift of thriving health.


If this seems daunting, take one step at a time.  Do one simple thing each day to take a step toward healing – perhaps it is as simple as incorporating wild blueberries into your diet or daily smoothie.  Wild blueberries are the ultimate healing food for our bodies. Containing the highest proportion of antioxidants of any food, they also house a plethora of other qualities – including the best adaptogenic amino acids.  Wild blueberries seek out the illness, heavy metals, stress, radiation, and pathogens in our bodies and eliminate them. These healing berries can be found in the frozen section of grocery stores or as a powder.


We have also found a variety of teas and supplements that have helped enormously with our allergy journey.  Here are some high-quality ones we use*:



You can find more recommended supplements here under “General Supplements.”


My second son, Forrest, had horrible skin allergies.  I was able to put the puzzle pieces together based on what I learned with my first son to get his skin healthy and vibrant again.  Today, my boys are symptom-free and absolutely thriving in life!

My three healthy boys today.


I would love to hear your allergy stories – please comment below! If you would like some additional help healing you or a loved one, I would be happy to meet with you in person or over the phone.


Sending blessings!


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