How Drinking “Dirt” Is A Powerful Tool For Your Health


“God made dirt, and dirt don’t hurt”
Do you remember that saying as a child?

Well, there is some truth to it.

There has been something that I’ve been studying all of last year…

Because I started seeing wonderful results regarding our health for myself, my family, and some of my clients.

I’m excited to share it and all its benefits with you!

Welcome to all you need to know about fulvic acid & humic acid.


What Is Fulvic Acid & Humic Acid?

Humic acid is a naturally-occuring ionic molecule that can be found in ancient organic soil deposits. Fulvic acid is a natural electrolyte that has been found to be very powerful for restoring the electrolyte balance in our cells. The two of these together have shown incredible promise and beautiful results for improving your health. Packed with over 60 nutrients and minerals, humic acid and fulvic acid are very nourishing to the body in today’s nutrient-deprived world. In a fast-paced, high-stress culture that makes our bodies burn through the minerals they need faster than we can get them, fulvic and humic acid are a fabulous addition to your health journey.

More benefits of fulvic and humic acid:

Plus, so much more!


Here is what one of my clients had to say about fulvic and humic acid:

“Recently, my hair started falling out in clumps, at an alarming and disheartening rate. Every time I would take a shower I was pulling out small handfuls of hair. I had always had thick hair and usually pulled out a good number of strands in the shower, but the hair loss was exponentially more than that. I would often cry in the shower or afterward when I would clean up all the hair… With the skin issues I was already dealing with, intense fatigue, and now this appalling hair loss, I felt like I was deteriorating at 30 years old. I saw Amber’s posts about the fulvic acid powder and thought I had nothing to lose. I started adding it to my water and drinking it, as well as adding rosemary essential oil to my shampoo & conditioner. I learned about the rosemary from her Face Rejuvenation online course. Within a month, I was no longer losing my hair – I am now only pulling out a few strands in the shower, which is even less than what was normal for me before the hair loss! I feel the fulvic/humic acid powder is helping my energy levels too. I definitely sleep better. There’s so much that Amber shares online that has helped me. Thank you for sharing this knowledge Amber!” – Mae


How To Use Fulvic & Humic Acid Powder


Fulvic and humic acid powder is dissolvable in water, and can actually make water more easily absorbable by your cells. This makes your hydration go the extra mile! Drinking fulvic and humic acid in water allows its benefits to soak in your internal systems, including your gut, heart, lungs, etc. It powers up your immune system with incredible nourishment to fight infections, detox heavy metals, improve energy, and more. I simply mix some powder into 16 ounces of water daily. I recommend clients to start off with a 1/16 or an ⅛ teaspoon of powder when starting out, and over time to work up to about 1 tsp at a time in water. (Work with a health practitioner you trust before adding or adjusting supplementation in your daily regimen.) Whether you use this powder consistently or as needed (see below), an internal application can be very powerful for your health.



Fulvic and humic acid powder can also be used externally! Shown to assist with wound-healing, it can be made into a paste with a little bit of water and applied to the wound. This will help draw out bacteria and pathogens that may cause an infection. You can also take fulvic and humic acid powder baths – simply add 1/2tsp to 2tsp to a full bath (start slow and work your way up to find what’s right for you, and work with a health practitioner you trust). I also love using it in a face mask to improve my skin! Here’s one of my favorite self-care face masks – a super easy and super nourishing DIY mask for your next “spa” night:

Fabulous Face Mask

Use spirulina in a face mask - it is an amazing way to give nutrients to the skin! Here’s my recipe:


  • 1/4 tsp Spirulina powder
  • 1/4 tsp Fulvic Acid powder* see note
  • 1/4 tsp Baking soda
  • 1/2-3/4 tsp water


  1. Mix and massage onto your face and neck. Leave for 20-30 minutes then rinse off. It makes the skin feel amazing! It nourishes the lymph, skin, and circulation in the face.



If you are on a health journey, I would recommend working with a health practitioner you trust to explore the ways fulvic and humic acid powder can benefit you. Consistent use of this powder can do wonders – the consistent use of powerful health tools on your health journey can move mountains for you. A simple 16 ounces daily with fulvic and humic acid or consistent use of it as a face mask may be an amazing thing for you!



Yes, you can also use fulvic and humic acid powder as you need it! Besides assisting wound-healing, I have had many clients use fulvic and humic acid powder in a pinch to help a headache. Drinking it within 16 ounces of water alleviated their headache within fifteen minutes to half an hour.

Here’s what one client had to say…

“Headaches have always been my body’s first warning system that something is wrong. I relied on over the counter medications on a weekly basis. When I changed my lifestyle to a more holistic approach, I would sometimes be down for days with 8 -9/10 headache pain. Hot and cold packs took the edge off, essential oils maybe helped me sleep with it but I basically had to wait it out. When Amber told me about fulvic acid powder, I had to try it. The long list of benefits was great, but if it could help with my headaches it would be a miracle. Not only does it take my headaches away, it usually takes less than 30 minutes to feel like myself again! I was amazed how fast it worked. I am so grateful for a product that is natural and effective! Thanks for the tip Amber!” – Tiffany Gribble


My Favorite Sources of Fulvic & Humic Acid

I have tried many different companies that make this powder, and some had a great product but poor business practices. Some had marketing that made all sorts of promises, but a sub-par product. Finally, I found a product I love and a company I can trust. Here are the products I have tested and found to be clean and powerful and give amazing results results:

My goal is always to bring you tools for health and healing. I hope that this one makes a powerful difference for you!


Ignite the Healer within,
Amber Bodily

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