Got Dark Circles Under Your Eyes? Here’s What They Really Mean


Do you have dark circles under your eyes?

Wait! Before you grab concealer to cover them up, let’s talk about why they are there and how to address it.

Guess what – it’s actually not just from poor sleep.

Even if you’re well-rested, dark circles underneath your eyes can be a signal to a much deeper problem in your body: a disturbed liver.

Here’s how to tell what your liver is telling you on your face – plus, what you can do to help.


What Dark Under-Eye Circles Mean

You may hear me often talk about the body’s signals on the feet – but did you know the face also has its own signal system? There are areas on your face that signal what’s happening with your inner organs. (I go through these signals in my Face Rejuvenation online course.) And guess what’s under your eyes? The liver.

Dark circles that don’t seem to go away are a sign of disturbances in the liver – most often a deficiency. They can also give clues about the health of your thyroid, colon, and kidneys. These three specific organs get burdened when the liver is out of balance. So to get to the root cause of your dark circles – turn your attention toward your liver.

Here’s a sneak peek into the Face Rejuvenation course, when I talk about the signals underneath the eyes:

The liver is your largest gland and has many functions in the body – and is essential for life. A failing liver can cause your health to decline fast. Here’s some of what a well-functioning liver can do for you:

  • Plays a role in metabolism (produces and breaks down proteins and carbohydrates)
  • Stores fats from the bloodstream to prevent them from clogging up the arteries and heart
  • Synthesizes and stores vitamins
  • Detoxifies (filters out toxins that could damage other organs and tissues)
  • Breaks down alcohol and barbiturates
  • Helps create new red blood cells
  • Produces bile for digestion
  • Breaks down old hormones
  • Is part of many more essential processes in the body.

If you’re struggling with any of the following symptoms or conditions, you might want to start paying attention to the health of your liver:


Here’s What You Can Do To Help

If you want those under-eye circles to go away and stay away, start by taking care of your liver. Here are the 3 things you can do that will have the biggest impact:



A diet heavy in animal protein, dairy, fats (good or bad, including butter and oils), eggs, and fried and/or processed food will burden and worsen your liver. All of these foods are not only high in cholesterol, but also high in fat. Good fats or bad fats – both burden your liver, making it much harder for it to do its job. If your liver can’t filter out fats well from your blood, they will continue on to clog up the heart and trigger all sorts of trouble. In fact, this study shows that a high-fat diet increases the risk for heart disease. A 2018 study showed that animal protein increased cardiovascular disease by 60% versus eating plant-based protein. But don’t worry, research shows trading animal protein for plant protein not only lowers your risk for heart disease, it can reverse it and help you live longer, too! For a more extensive look at protein, check out this article.

Besides the above, I would also recommend avoiding these foods as much as possible:

So what to eat instead?

Go back to the basics – foods that grew in the earth and as close to their natural form, uncooked form as possible. If going raw vegan seems too daunting, start by lowering your intake of the aforementioned foods and replace them with fruit or veggies that you like to eat. If that seems too much, just start by adding in more fruits, veggies, and greens. Take it one step at a time. Eat foods to nourish your liver and give it what it needs to start to heal.

Foods that specifically assist the liver:



Remember, you can’t out-supplement a bad diet, so the first step above is very important. These supplements below can greatly assist and support your liver in regaining health and function.

As always, be sure to work with a health practitioner when using supplements.



Believe it or not, sunshine is extremely beneficial for the liver and its ability to detoxify!

Not only this, but the sun provides hundreds of nutrients (not just Vitamin D) and increases the absorption of nutrients in your body. The sun also helps balance hormones (also a function of the liver) and provides energy to your entire body. We use the solar panels to get energy from the sun, right? Same for your body as well!

I’ve written extensively on the sun, its benefits, and precautions to take as well as after-sun remedies here.

Is sunshine hard to come by in your corner of the world? Here’s how to drink it in, even in the winter time:


What Your Face Can Tell You About Your Health

Just by looking in the mirror, you can see how to heal your body and support your health and well-being. Swelling? Redness or rosacea? Blue-ish tinge? Breakouts in certain areas? Dry skin in a specific spot? Even if you are young and seemingly healthy, telltale signals on your face can foreshadow a health issue. Empower yourself with the knowledge of how to analyze your health from your face – and what to do about it!

If you want to learn more, I have a whole online course dedicated to this topic called Face Rejuvenation. In this course, you will learn:

  • Which areas of the face correspond to different areas of the body
  • A specific treatment to heal those areas
  • Foods, teas, and supplements for healing and restoration of the face and body
  • In-depth look at essential and carrier oils for healing the face and body
  • And more!

Check it out here.

Another great resource on the liver is the book Liver Rescue by Anthony William.

I hope this helped you become more empowered about your health. It is my mission to encourage you to take charge of your own health and to provide tools for you to do so!

Ignite your healer within.
– Amber

P.S. If you want a complete deep-dive into how to heal and care for your liver and other bodily systems, take a peek at Radical Healing: A Step-By-Step Guide to Reclaiming Your Vibrance.

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