How to Unveil Your Health By Looking In the Mirror


What if you could understand your health issues just by looking at your face?

Do you always break out in a certain area of your skin, and wonder why?

Do you wish you could treat your health conditions with natural remedies?

The Face Rejuvenation online course could be for you.



The Face Rejuvenation course unveils how to use signals on the face to understand what is happening in other areas of the body. The face is like a blueprint for the body – knowing which areas of the face correspond to certain areas of the body empowers you with a deeper understanding of your health issues.

What will you learn in the Face Rejuvenation course?

  • Which areas of the face correspond to different areas of the body
  • A specific treatment to heal those areas
  • Foods, teas, and supplements for healing and restoration of the face and body
  • In-depth look at essential and carrier oils for healing the face and body
  • And more!

Do you have lines, puffiness, swelling, or other conditions that just won’t go away on your face? In this course, you will dive deep into how to target the underlying causes of the problem. For example, a liver problem could show up as a digestion issue, and you may chase solutions that regard improving your gut biome, better gut bacteria, or eating more fiber to improve your digestion. However, if you can understand the signals on your face, you can recognize right away the symptoms are stemming from the liver, not the gut. Enter the treatment taught in the course to help solve the issue. Say goodbye to facial swelling, redness, lines, etc and say hello to radiant skin – and radiant health!

The treatment taught in this course not only reinvigorates the organs, it also helps erase mental imprints on the body, alleviate stress, relieve depression, clear and rejuvenate sinuses, improve eye health, and more. The Face Rejuvenation Course empowers you to take charge of your own health through knowledge and simple remedies.



You register for the course once, but you have lifetime access. What does that mean? You can use this information and the treatments for the rest of your life! Whether it be to heal your own conditions or to also uplift those around you, this precious information is something you can carry with you as long as you live.


This course is a combination of video and text content, with PDF handouts explaining the face signals and treatments.


Super Skincare Package

Did you miss out on the Goddess Glow course discounts? Don’t worry, you can purchase the Super Skincare package which bundles both courses for a discounted price. For only $132, you can immerse yourself into the precious information offered on both courses – that’s 25% off! Enjoy!

Get 2 online courses in the Super Skincare Package

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Cheers to empowering your health!



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