5 Simple Ways To Step Into the New Year With Confidence


2021… The year that we walk into with unwavering faith and strong confidence. With having experienced so much uncertainty this past year, it’s time to overcome and move forward with an inner confidence that exudes and shines to all who surround us.

Confidence is a surety, an inner knowing that no matter what your outer circumstances are reflecting, you know that you know that you know that you are capable and worthy of great things.

Confidence is also muscle that can be strengthened. So if you are up for a fun exercise, grab your good old fashioned pen and paper or a beautiful new journal that you found for your New Year’s goals and follow along with these journaling exercises.


What does confidence mean to me?

Describe how it looks and most importantly feels to exude confidence. Add as many details as you can here.


What are 3 things that I can do to emit more confidence in your day to day life?

(Example, maybe you are really hard on yourself in a certain area of your life, find a way to challenge yourself to take a baby step towards a different reality) Write them out in your journal.


Pretend that you have fast-forwarded into the future and have the confidence thing nailed. Pick a scene that you can see in your mind’s eye where you are unapologetically living that reality in its fullest expression.

Are you giving a speech? Starting a business? Wearing your favorite piece of clothing? Go to that scene and write out every detail. What smells do you smell? Where are you? What are you doing? What are you wearing? Talk about how you FEEL with your new confidence. Explain how you make others feel.


Take the scene from the third exercise, and spend 10 minutes visualizing it and feeling those feelings of confidence now.

Make it as if you are truly living that scene in the present moment.


Write this affirmation in your journal 50 times in a row:

“I am so happy now that I have amazing confidence and I deserve good things.”


Continue to practice these self-love practices and self-improvement techniques as often as you feel like doing it. We want to go into 2021 with an Empowered Mindset, one where we choose our paths and feel like we have control over our personal sovereignty.

Happy New Year,

P.S. I have something really awesome coming in 4 days that will help build your self-confidence and personal empowerment, Stay TUNED!

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