A Letter To Parents of a Child Cancer Warrior


Dear Mama, Daddy, or Person Caring For A Child Cancer Warrior,

It shouldn’t be like this. Your little one should not need to go through such hard times so young. The path ahead can look dark and ominous; challenges can seem insurmountable; and it may feel like your heart can’t bear the burden.

I want to tell you that your heart is strong. Your spirit has fortitude. Your feet are steady. Even on such an arduous journey, meaning can be found from a dark time. There is strength to be had, lessons to be learned, time to be cherished, and hope to be born. You were given this child, and this child was given you. One is a gift to the other. One can uplift the other, lend strength to the other, and learn from the other. It is not fair for either of you to be on this journey, but fairness is not the goal of life. What can be learned?

As each moment comes, lean into it. Sink into joy, laughter, and silliness – cherish them as they appear. Don’t shy away from the pain, the hurt, the grief. See it, feel it, let it out. They are still part of the journey and resisting them will only make the journey harder. Cancer is one part of life. This world continues and simply wraps cancer in it. See the good, the fullness life has to offer – it is there. Celebrate the steps forward, no matter how small.

Find community. Whether it be in the hospital, at the grocery store, online, in groups, or more – have a tribe of other parents and caregivers to understand what you are going through. The road is hard, oh so hard. But you need not walk it alone. There is an army of mamas and daddies ready to link arms with you, support you, cry with you, and celebrate with you. You are not alone.

Your little one is a warrior. They are so strong. You, too, are a warrior, and are strong. You are here to love them through this process, and really, truly – you are doing the best you can. If all you can do today is close your eyes and fill your heart with love for your little warrior, that is exactly what they needed you to do today. Find gratitude wherever possible – the light, however small, that banishes the dark.

Know that you are loved, and your little one is too. May angels dance around you and wrap you in divine light, and bring peace and comfort to your spirit.

With love, strength, and blessings,


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