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Address: Santa Clara, California, USA
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Master Biomagnetic Practitioner and Instructor – se habla español
>>OFFERINGS: Biomagnetic Therapy In-Person, Distance Biomagnetic Therapy Sessions, Biomagnetic Therapy Classes
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A Biomagnetic Web Therapy session starts with the therapist detecting the PH imbalances and pathogens currently causing the body dis-ease through a very powerful and highly accurate method of Bioenergetics. The strategic placement of magnets that the body calls for helps to create the most ideal PH that the body needs for healing and therefore helping the body to radically overcome the invading pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites) , toxins, imbalances, masses, or other invaders that currently disrupt the balance of the system. The negative side of the magnet induces an alkaline state while the positive side induces an acidic state and when placed properly, creates an environment of neutrality wherein the receiver can begin to heal.

Biomagnetism is relatively new technique new in the Unites States and was discovered in Mexico about 30 years ago thanks to doctor Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran to whom we owe this valuable contribution to health.

Salvador Ortiz is an expert of “Biomagnetic Web Therapy”.  His method of Biomagnetism and how he applies the therapeutic grade magnets creates the most powerful form of healing possible with this modality.
Salvador practices in both California and Mexico as well as flies around around the United States to do house calls and teach.

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650-471-5562 (please text for an appointment)
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