SoleNatural Wellness – Vikki Klingenberg

SoleNatural Wellness – Vikki Klingenberg
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SoleNatural Wellness – Vikki Klingenberg
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Certified FootZonologist
>>OFFERINGS: FootZoning, Heath Coaching, Ionic Detox Foot Bath
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Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Vikki started playing ice hockey young and ate a typical standard American diet. As her love for the game grew so did her desire to become leaner, stronger and faster. Vikki didn’t understand nutrition and how it affects the body. With a lack of nutritional knowledge, Vikki battled an eating disorder during her teenage years as she worked to become a leaner stronger athlete. She spent many hours on the ice and in the gym in hopes of being recruited to an Ivy League school or earning a position on Team USA Hockey. Her dreams were shattered when, at 17, she tore her ACL during a serious skiing accident. Although, Vikki was able to rehabilitate her knee in time to play during her senior year of high school, she would not go to play college hockey. With her ability to play college ice hockey gone, Vikki enrolled in college at Kent State University and later earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. While at Kent State, Vikki enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and ultimately served 12 years as a heavy equipment mechanic. She was honorably discharged as a Staff Sergeant. During a deployment for Operation Iraqi Freedom, she met her ex-husband and later had two children.
While in the Marine Corps, Vikki experienced the highs and the lows of the military life, moving around, making life-long friends and losing others to war, depression, and suicide. Upon completion of her deployment, Vikki moved to northern California and started working as a Deputy Sheriff. Vikki believed in family and the commitment of marriage and stayed in a verbally and emotionally abusive marriage for 9 years until she gained the strength to leave. Once on her own, she found herself stressed as she learned to juggle life as a single mom. With no immediate family in state, Vikki relied on a few close friends to help in times of need. Vikki’s health declined and she was diagnosed with situational depression. As she struggled through her healing process, she gave what little energy she had to her kids and work. Vikki was determined to heal and focused on better nutrition, talk therapy, support groups, physical fitness, reading and her faith. Still tired, Vikki had a constant mental fog and gained weight uncontrollably. After reading a friend’s FaceBook post about FootZoning with Amber Bodily, Vikki researched it, and scheduled an appointment with Amber. After several FootZoning treatments with Amber, she learned how to heal her body. Within months of implementing FootZoning treatments and plant based diet, Vikki saw incredible
improvements in her health and emotional wellbeing. FootZoning, wholesome nutrition and physical activity helped Vikki to heal from her past, giving her hope for a bright future. Vikki’s journey has inspired her to learn about holistic health and to help others live their best lives, naturally.

FootZonologist 11/2019
IIN Health Coaching 11/2020

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Hayward, California, USA