Welcome to the ABH Practitioner Network.  My schedule fills up very quickly, and I often get asked if there is anyone else that I would recommend in different parts of the world.  My team and I have developed this network to give you an easy way to find a holistic wellness practitioner near you.  There are all types of Zoning Practitioners listed here, as well as other healing modalities that I believe are helpful.

Disclaimer:  Not all of my practitioner friends are in alignment with Amber Bodily Health nutrition methods, which are tried and true in my practice.  Please know that I offer this resource as a way for you to get the tools you may need to assist you on your healing journey.  However, I encourage you to stay tuned into my blog posts, emails, and online courses to learn the nutrition and lifestyle practices that you may need to superpower and support your health journey.

Be sure to tell your practitioner where you found them!